Paypal "Needs approval"

Hello. I am a gameflip seller and this was the first to sell giftcards and to request a payout via paypal.

I have read the forum and I’ve heard a lot of stories that it takes from 10 seconds to 1 hour to successfully cashout via paypal.

It’s been an hour for me and it still needs approval.

I’m not blaming on Gameflip yet as I can wait until tomorrow but I want to see how long does it usually take.

Anyone cashout via paypal and took longer than 12 hours?

2 business days is the maximum. It usually takes less than 6 hours for most cases.

Does it take longer if it is my first withdrawal?

Yes, it may take a little bit longer if this is your first withdraw.

Withdraw got approved today.

Well i have been waiting 2 days for my paypal cashout
im really getting annoyed my first one was instant second was 1 day
Now the rest

Can someone please tell me how long i will have to wait for them all

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my first few were instant now none of the new ones are showing up.

my invite code is 2J5C17