Payout request needs approval takes too long

Usually my payout to paypal take about 24 hours but i’ve been waiting for more than 24 hours now. I need it fast so i can buy new items for business matter.

The same has been happening to me. It takes a long time to get paid when it usually always was instantly.

it takes about 1 - 2 days!

I just hope so

Wrong I’ve been waiting longer. Stop regurgitating that 1-2 days garbage as things obviously aren’t normal.

chill n relax

Sorry but they are keep $15k from me and $10k from another guy and thats just 2 of many with no payment after they said we should have so it’s kinda serious. They have also never held payments like this in the past. Nor has it been 1-7 days to wait as they just made it. Not gonna chill. You can try to educate yourself and keep up though.

you happy with over pricing why cannot calm and chill when the proccessing payout request ? and still want debate and rush, llike what you do and say can solve the problem?

Nah I’ve sold here for years and hate the overpricing. It’s stopping me from cashing out my non sketchy money and doing normal business while you guys who can’t make a buck normally are loving this crap.

like you said, you sold here for years, but your attitude like new member and you told we can’t make a buck normally are loving this crap. what is that ? you have problem with your self dude. and whatever and reply as you want if it makes you satisfied

Yeah, you are a scummy ■■■■ for profiting off this and can’t understand decent people want nothing to do with it. You are the dumb one if you think nothing is sketchy and this is how the site normally works. Your English is so poor and you seem so dumb I’m done trying to reply to you. Go be a ■■■■ to the poor rocket league guy that got scammed again or something.

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ya my english so poor and im dumb like you said, decent people.

1-2 days ??? dude I’m in my 6th day !!! Not paid !!

what is going on … atleast I need to know if I’m going to be paid or not … so if not I just move on … I don’t like hanging like this …

just YES OR NO

I cashed out like $1.5k on 5th of october and got it 1 day after. I wanted to do the same with similiar amount of money on 8th of october but its still waiting for approval. I assume that everyone will get paid, but with like 1 week delay because its the first time when the site has to take care of hundreds of thousands dollars cashouts in few days and they probably have to go through every bigger cashout to check if everything is legit etc.
I wish there was still express cashout, i hope that gamflip will bring it back.

Seem no reply yet from gameflip team and all pricey item in gamflip market keep getting sold. Seriously?

Hey guys, please check our official statement regarding the payouts below:

Thank you.