Please post if you have received any PP withdrawls in last 5 days.

Hey Guys,

I know there are some delays going on with payouts, etc… However has anyone actually received a payout via PayPal in the last 5 days? Not looking to make any trouble, just wondering.

Just a simple confirmation if you have would be great.


Nop. “Needs approval” for 5 days now…

it came to me.

Oct 10 payout has been paid and the Oct 9 isnt paid for me… So just be patient and everything will go back to normal!

I waited for 4 days

OCT 9 my 1st payout was instant. Then I tried to withdraw again and it still need approval.

Oct 9 and 10 payout have been paid now to me!

Thanks GameFlip

Same for me. Just received my money. It took 3 days. All is fine.

For those whom have received, how fast does it appear to go from Needing Approval to landing in a verified PP account?

How? Ive been waiting for 4 days for 150, 3 days for 60, and 1 day for 15. none have come. I have a verified PP and have had a gameflip account for 11 months

I received 2 payouts today (both requested 10/8) for just under $5k total. I still have a smaller payment that needs approval, but it seems most people I’ve spoken with are receiving their requested payouts. After being approved one was instant and the other took a few hours to appear in my balance. At this point I don’t think there is any concern about getting paid out as they have now paid out large sums. What worried many was that despite saying 1-2 days it was actually instant in the past and many users had never seen the Needs Approval state before. You’ll just have to be patient.

I requested a Paypal payout earlier and received the funds on my account within 10 minutes of submitting it. I believe it depends on your account history (how long you’ve had it, your reputation/ratings and if you are verified). Personally, I’ve been on Gameflip for over a year with perfect ratings, consistent sales and regular payouts so I am not a risk.

I heard that new accounts need to make a certain amount of sales and wait a specific amount of time before they can make a withdrawal. This is a security measure put in place due to the wave of fraudulent activity by new accounts on Gameflip.

Requested payouts on October 10 and 11 but i don’t receive even single withdrawal in my paypal but i’m hoping i can get them all within this week…

Requested payout on October 10 and still w8 for it. Really need my money. This is for my

Nope, has been almost four days now. Cashed out about 570 dollars on Oct 10. still says it needs approval…

Oct 9, 2017 $1,033.90 USD Needs approval

Well my account has almost 1 and half year. So I don’t think the account age matters. I am pretty sure it is the amount you asked for.

I’m waiting for 4 days for about 1000$

I just received payment for October 9, 269$. Thank you! I now have to get paid for October 10, in the amount of 748$. I hope they soon get it. Gameflip will not fail, he does everything to get your money. I think in few days I will also receive their payments for October 10. Be patient friends! Sorry for my English, is not my native language

still waiting on mine from october 9/10. Hope I get it soon like you :frowning: