No PayPal Payment

Hey, I’ve been trying to cash out for 2 days now, still no money. Anyone know when It will come?

Same Situation Here

be patience… i am also hoping to get my money at least within this week since i requested payout last two days ago…

just give gameflip more time for they have a valid reasons why this is happening…

Does anyone how to PM someone?

please read announcement about the issue! all of us here have same issue! just be patient and payout will come… my oct 10 payout have been paid but my oct 9 payout still pending!

4 days now…

Still no payment.

Same here but all we can do is to wait until next week if not today…:persevere:

Same here, we just gotta wait…

5 “business days” and counting. Been waiting since the 9th. Invite code : 6ZUHGL

Been one week today.

got paid 350$ on PP 1 hour ago, withdraw 10 October. Don’t panic guys, be patient.

How does this make any sense? I withdrew two seperate payments on the 9th which are still “needing approval” but they are already paying out and working on transactions from the 10th? @op_JOkEr how is this fair or make any sense?

Ive made a post in the support forum. Got a basic auto typed response. I would like my money

I have had multiple withrawals from the 11-13th. I decided to see if I could withdraw the remaining $2.88 today, and that was instant. Please can you give me an explanation for this @op_JOkEr?

Yeah me too, I just requested a payout of $10.50 and received it in my paypal in 4 minutes or less.
My reccomendation would be if you have a large amount of money in gameflip, try requesting low amounts of cash as it may prevent the transaction delay that we are all suffering.
I also requested $30.00 the 12th of october and it’s still in “Needs approval”, so the fast payout gap is between $10.50 and $29.99.

All of my Oct 10th’s are still ‘Needs approval’

Dear @op_JOkEr can you take a look at my payouts? its about 8 buisness days and still needs approval, my invite code: XX32D1

I sent you PM few days ago but you are not answering…

Please follow up the thread. I’m posting updates everyday.

ok, may i ask are you going to finish today all payments from 10th?