Latest Regarding Delayed PayPal Payouts


:exclamation: Oct. 20th status: The wait is over! All pending payout requests have been paid out. :star_struck:

Oct. 19th status: Paypal admitted the long wait after they identified issues on their end. Based on their response, we’re getting all payout requests fulfilled tomorrow at the latest! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Here’s a quote from their email to us:

Oct. 18th status: More payouts from October 10th 2017 were fulfilled today. We heard back from Paypal and it’s likely that we will be able to fulfill most of all pending payouts by the end of this week. :crossed_fingers:

Oct. 17th status: Hundreds of payouts from October 10th 2017 already fulfilled, but we are still hundreds of payouts away from starting the ones from October 11th 2017.

Oct. 16th status: We started to fulfill the payout requests from October 10th 2017 just now.


Hey Flippers,

Since many of you have been commenting, messaging me and opening new threads about the topic, I’d like to make sure everyone is on the loop regarding the delayed PayPal payouts.

We started to fulfill the payout requests from October 10th 2017 just now.

Although we don’t have an estimate of when the payments from the 10th will be concluded, we are in touch with Paypal representatives and they estimated that between Oct. 17 and 18 we should be getting our next large batch to process the majority of pending payout requests.

There’s no need to comment on this thread as further estimates and news will be posted as an edit to this first post.

We would like to thank every single one of you for the patience and understanding. I’ll keep myself available for anything you need. Just send me a private message (click on my profile pic or name, then hit the “Message” box).


  • My PayPal account is not verified. Will my payout take longer because of it? No it won’t.



Good Luck with everything.

I know you wont let us down!

Keep up with the great work and thanks for the continued feedback!

Thanks for posting this. A lot of us were growing impatient and were getting frustrated.

I just want to say that I have huge respect for you guys. After dealing with a lot of similar issues/problems on multiple websites, this is the first one that actually “keeps us in the loop”, understands the stress and doesn’t ignore the problems. I really appreciate this update, and all the effort @op_JOkEr is putting in. I’m pretty new so I assume he’s the owner, and trust me it’s rare for the owner of a company to be this involved.

Wish you guys all the best in dealing with the payments, I’ll be looking forward to mine! :slight_smile:

i cashed out on october 9th still haven’t gotten it wtf

Don’t skip over meh plez

I’m still waiting on over $2200 from October 9th. I just don’t get why payments after mine are being started while I’m sitting here without my money from beforehand.

same ;p feelsbadman

I cashed out on the 9th, two seperate payments over 100.00, one got paid last night at 9:40pm and the other still needs approval… patience everyone

waiting for my 11oct payment :frowning:

Around what time of night did you cashout on the 9th?

Hello, I would like to cancel my payout request to paypal, and start a new payout request to bitcoin. Could one of the admins please help?

I can’t even connect my paypal :frowning: Shows me some code and whenever I try it over it just shows me the code :frowning:

Me too, I do really appreciate the update, thank you

You are not answering pm joker :slight_smile: i sent You one 3 days ago

We have already started all payments from the 9th. If the status of the payout IS NOT “Needs Approval”, then it was already passed onto PayPal.

If your payment didn’t show up on PayPal yet, bug me via PM.

The code? Could you send me a screenshot via PM?

Please fix it asap i really need the money got payments due this week

I still havnt gotten my cashout from the 9th or the 10th?