1 week no money yet . ( 1 week in transit )

Okay … i need my money. joker or any leader should explain my issue here …

People are getting their money within 3 Days ! ( after the issues happneing now )

But Take a look at my withdrawal requests

ITS UNFAIR !! 1 damn week ???

My Code is : ULK6XP

today is 11/10 and we are almost at 12/10

leaders here … give me my money .


My 5 oct payout is not yet made !!?
but the 8 + 9 oct is made ??
what about the 5 oct ?

Oct 10, 2017 $786.48 In transit
Oct 10, 2017 $98.00 Needs approval
Oct 9, 2017 $698.16 Paid
Oct 8, 2017 $372.26 Paid
Oct 7, 2017 $429.67 Needs approval << STILL !!!
Oct 5, 2017 $537.83 In transit << STILL IN TRANSIT !!

what is this ???

will keep this thread updated …every 24 hours.

I got the same problem… “needs approval”…
what the hell is going on gameflip… as I know this market is very good to trade… with community and services… I’m sure you will respond and resolve this problem. as fast as you can… I need money… ((

Same here :confused:
Please fix that quickly

i just recieved my bitcoin payout 30 minutes ago, when i sleep. it usually when there bitcoin in / received to my wallet there notif in my phone/sms and my email from my wallet provider. yeah but thats it my payout get paid, still waiting my payout for paypal.
im just wake up now… hope you all its okay

Thread updated with new news .

I received my bitcoin payouts like an hour ago, guess you’ll receive it today too.

how many payouts ?

oldest date ? and the newest date ?

2 payouts, both on October 9

how much were they ?

got my payout OCT. 10 but my OCT. 9 payout still pending!

Paypal or bitcoin?

paypal bro!

As previously mentioned on my Official Statement II, we are trying to fix this situation yet we depend on other parties such as banks and PayPal to get all payouts fulfilled. We’d love to have everyone’s funds sent as soon as possible as this is also causing problems for the company, but again I kindly ask you guys to wait as we are doing everything we can to fund the accounts as soon as possible.

We’ll make sure to continue offering good deals and benefits after all this payout challenges are overcome.

Depending on the value, our system could have automatically approved one of them.


Depending on the Value of what exactly ?
Value of money or what ?
it was not pending nor pending approval ( they both were in transit ) ( they were BTC )

people need to know the Payout system now until this issues are fixed .
Thank you

I had a 150$ october 9 and a 15$ october 10. neither one has come in yet. im not cashing out my last 250$ untill other people are getting their payments.

I send u guys 2 email support about payout and no one reply me . I select my Payout yesterday , its around 33 dollar and now i still don’t receive it …

It keep saying pending approval pls help …

still waiting for my 9th oct one…

Trust me guys … you will get paid sooner or later …

Just keep calm

its been 3 days for most of you … not even a complete 3 days and yet crying

wait until totally 1 week have passed after that you can open ticket or here … etc anywhere

but as of now you are just very nervous and hype ( because of that much money you will never earn again )

but yea the money you requested will be sent to you …

as of me all the money have been received,
the only payouts left are the new ones ( 11 oct and above . )

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