Request Payout "Needs approval" - Any help?

Hi, i join this forum to seek help from gameflip or to anyone who has the same issue with me?

Requested a payout >>
and it appears that my withdrawal needs approval…my concern is no one from gameflip contacted me to inform me the time frame or how long for me to wait my money to arrive on my paypal.

The first 3 payout i requested was almost instant arrived on my paypal account NO ISSUE at all but this time i waited couple of hours now and nothing arrive on my paypal.

I have more than 6 years verified business paypal so i don’t think any of this thing would be the reason.

Is there anyone from @gameflip @DunnBiscuit here to help me understand what is going on?

Your time is much appreciated.

Thank you.


Payouts may take from a few hours to 7 business days to be completed. Usually it may take up to 24 hours to complete tough.

You may contact our support team if you still have issues with your payout.

Thanks you!