Paypal payout questions

Just wondering what the wait time would be to get my PayPal cash?
And also, if it sends within business days, What time zone & what are their hours of service?

@Ethan_Sick_Spin_Aldr It should be on average about 3 business days. What we’ve started seeing more and more of is that some PayPal account from users may not have been completely registered. So I’d double check that just in case. But you can always contact us through the app at Help > Contact Support and we can get some more information for you to look into it and see if that;s the case.

Hey ethan, did you get your money?
I also tried the payout features on the website, but still nothing received.
Also, for some reason, after I requested a payout for the max amount I can payout, my balance is still somewhere like 50%

@Royalgamer06 If you haven’t done so already, please contact support and we can look into your account to see what the issue may be. If you withdrew through PayPal, please make sure your PayPal account is completely verified as this is the most common issue with users not getting their withdraw as PayPal will not accept the payment unless the account is verified.

I cashed out around 400usd like day and 2 hours ago still nothing reaching me :frowning:is there any possibilty that it will be sent to my paypal account soon ? thanks ^^

@musaab_sh This is a 2 year old thread, but yes, it should be cashed soon. Gameflip has made numerous announcements that they are experiencing a heavy amount of sales and have some delay. You will be payed soon.

Be patience guys… you can check the link below for more insight about payout delays

Just curious as to why some payments get received instantly while some take a while

I think the larger the payout the longer it takes to recieve, most of my payouts below 50 dollars are paid instantly whereas I’m still waiting on one $100+ to be paid for 2 days now.