Didn't receive paypal payout

Hello. I cashed out to paypal for 14$ on April 30th and it worked instantly, but may 1st I tried to cash out 31$ and it took my 31$ but my paypal never recieved the money. I cashed out again about an hour later for another 15$ and havnt recieved that either. My PayPal should be all good, can anybody tell me more about this?

Hello? Do mods read this? I’m getting pissed and I want my money!!! I payed out to paypal and never got my money, wtf?

Quote from a mod:

Hey, the cash withdraw process may take up to 2 business days to complete. If you want to contact our support team, please, contact them at support@gameflip.com, thanks!

Your April 30 cash out worked instantly, but the May 1 one takes longer maybe because of the anti-fraud system saw the frequent cash outs as suspicious, or it’s just that the delay is random, but at most 2 days. Anyway it’s still not over 2 business days yet, so if you still don’t see your money by then, contact that email or private message a moderator your invite code.

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