2 days for Cash out? Hell no!

So now it has been 3 days and gameflip hasnt respond to any of my emails or to my forum posts. The support is really bad how you can clearly see. It doesnt take much to see if my money is still being send or already has been send to my PayPal and if its PayPals fault. So i was wondering if you guys have the same problem when you cash out like higher amounts of money to your paypal.
Invite link 3VM72U64ad96186051852e918a6765a2bf3931516b37a9_1_690x432

Yup , got the same problem , 3 days now since i payed my 91$ out. And nothing so far , is there a way to write an Support Ticket?

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There is I think by writing an email to the support.
And btw thank you.

Yea don’t cash out. Gameflip is robbing people. Got me for 60$ last night the cash out to paypal isn’t working, but it sure is taking money. Smh

Nobody is robbing you. If you have any issues with your payout, please let me know what the issue is and send me your invite code so I can properly check it for you.

Thank you.