Bitcoin and paypal withdrawl. . 5 days and not paid

I have some withdrawl requests that is been over 5 days now and I have not yet got paid …

I have more then 5 requests withdrawl

First at 5 Oct
2nd 5 Oct
3rd 6 Oct
4th 7 Oct
5th 8 Oct
6 th 9 Oct

I’m only waiting around $2500 to be paid to me but still …

Been here for 5 days and as you can tell I have sold over 1200 items

I have requested 2 paypal withdrawl
And the rest are Bitcoins withdrawl

and yet I have not got paid at all …

and I sent support tickets and no answer at all

May I know what is taking so long ?
and is this the average time to get paid ?

I love gameflip and I really don’t want to skip it … I’m a big csgo skins supplier I work with several sites … They pay instant actually 24 hrs max

and paypal instant within 5 min

I could really add huge amount of items with good discount rate as I’m bulk buyer anyway … I’m really looking to be treated and not ignored …

I have inventory worth over $20,000 atm ready to be deposited and sold … but the payout is kinda ruining my plans …

I can’t buy bulk items and wait weeks to be paid

I have customers right now asking me to buy their items … and I have put them on hold until I see how the paying process works here …

Please atleast look into my issue as partner

I can’t lose my customers

Thank you for understanding.

I’m starting to worry too! I have over 15,000 usd in the same state! And some of my grey shirts just disappeared

As I posted in another topic I’ve spoken via comments with many other members who have the same amounts $10k+ or more that cashed out over 2 days ago and have nothing. All those members have been here at least a year and have sold thousands of items. Even on the 5th I cashed out just under $2.5k instantly, now everything just needs approval. I posted about this before but joker just gave a snarky reply, some nonsense about “investing” and didn’t even seem familiar with what I meant by them being in the needs approval state. Recently they’ve upped the cashout time to 1-7 despite saying there is nothing suspicious about all the suspicious activity.
Does anyone know a semi-long term user that has been able to cash out any significant sum?

Hello guys, please check what our leader Joker said about the current cashout situation.

Please, feel free to contact me via PM if any other clarification is needed.

Thank you!