Gamflip Admins, you need to clarify the situation with Paypal Cashouts

The post made by JOker reassuring us that everything is ok, is starting to look like bullsh**T or some coverup. How do we know that Gameflip is not going through some problems and is ready to run with the moneyt tommorow? Why was Joker lying about Paypal cashouts not being affected by the recent 2x 3x buyouts on Gameflip? Cashouts are now being held longer than 2 days which is 3x longer than ussual, and is beyond the maximum payout time that is stated by Gameflip. ALl this silence about the cashouts is only making matters worse for sellers.

Hey, regarding this situation, please check the official statement regarding this:

Also you may take it in mind that, under normal circumstances the payouts takes up to 7 business days to fully process.

So there is no need to worry about this.

Thank you.

Typing out reassurances on the forum is one thing, but seeing it in action is another, and so far, not a single user has been paid. This is NOT normal as you have implied. My payments never took longer than few hours, longest being less than 24 hours, this is NOT normal.

This is causing major problems for traders and mainly for Gameflip rep. Even if payments do start coming in, people will bey very vary of posting anything on Gamelip for a while. You can see now that most people have STOPPED posting their items, which causes all the previous high buyers to buy skins for 5x and such.

And if funds being used for these huge sales are stolen, then Gameflip has exposed it self to even more problems. But not having addressed this issue rationally, suggests that Gameflip is not concered at all.

I’ve have been paid out every 15 hours per payout request. but yet they does have paid me out. I’m still waiting for more payouts request but the waiting takes longer every time.

Staff assured us multiple times that theres nothing different about Paypal cashouts, when people started to ask about it, which is obviously NOT true. it would be good if Gameflip could somehow verify this for those users who have not been paid yet, because at this point people are simply panicking. Ive been selling on gameflip for almost a year and made my first unpaid request more than 48hours ago, thats a lot longer than 15 hours.