I have not receve my paypal withdraw

Hi , I have ask for payout 200$ paypal i receve it instantly then I have ask for 500$ cashout and I have not receve it
( All time I had instantly receve money when asking withdraw )
is all right ?

Check this pinned statement:

is there any chance we can cancel pending cashouts? here is my GameFlip code if it helps with anything…WR1X9B

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Done! Cash should be in your balance now.

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Hey, Joker, I was wondering if you could look into my account to see if something is wrong because I requested a pay out many days ago but still have not received any money. It is not my PayPal account because I have cashed out many times before that and it worked but there are still a few transactions that still have not gone through yet. Thanks!

Hey Sir can you cancel my pending cashout too? My gameflip code is FXMWZ1.


Hey man. I am not Joker but currently a lot of payouts are delayed a lot because of national holidays, paypal and the influx of people here. Just be patient :slight_smile:

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Amen! Everything will be fine! Give it a handful of days!

Alright thanks guys!

Can you cancel my withdrawal please my code is WFJNAD and I’ve withdrawn to the wrong pp account please help!

Hey, unfortunately as I checked, the pyout is already paid, so I can’t cancel it.

Hey can you cancel my pending cashout?
Here is my gameflip code if it helps R93J4S

Unfortunately not I’m afraid. It has already been paid.

Thank you.