Bug/Issue with the Request Payout system.

This is not to complain about no receiving my with drawaled money on pay pal, I understand there are some problems right now with paypal withdrawals, and I respect the effort the Gameflip team is putting in to fix this issue.

However my issue is i believe is different, let me explain.

I have received of my of withdrawals however it still says Pending.

The 9.80 USD payment says Pending but on my paypal i have received this payment

I only bring this to your attention because i do not know if this is a glitch, and i might be paid the 9.80USD again when i am not owed 9.80USD or if i am merely being stupid and this is is just step in the withdrawing process i have never noticed.

If any one could kindly get back to me, That would be great.

Maybe your browser is cached?

Some info that goes back and forth from different platforms (e.g. Gameflip to PayPal) can have some delay to update on either side.

Wait few minutes or hit “Shift”+“F5” to refresh your Gameflip page and check again.

Its been like that for close to a day.

How? It’s still October 11th for some people like me :smile:

Just joking. This could be a glitch then.

yeah lmao its the 12th for me xd.

Do you think this glitch will have any background effect on either of our sides, Or should everything be fine

@op_JOkEr lol thats in my ticket 5 days ago #152187 about this in last post