Requested to Cancel Paypal Payout


It has been almost three days and still my paypal payout request made on 10th Oct 17 is still not completed so I sent a ticket to the support to cancel my payout and refund the money in my gameflip wallet balance so I that I can purchase items on website rather than waiting for so long as it is causing me inconvenience, but I haven’t heard from support so can if any of the mods help me out I will really appreciate that. My Ticket no. is 155378. My gameflip code is FXMWZ1.

Thank You

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Hey, for this process, please check this announcement from Joker,

Thank you.

Yeah thanks, I already saw that earlier and have sent him my details in format he has mentioned.

And I would like to ask you that how much time would this take? Because I messaged him 4 hours ago and if this takes as long as the payout then will defeat the whole purpose of it. I have already created a ticket days ago for cancelling payout, got no response to it. It’s really becoming a frustrating experience for me now. Hope mods here can help me.


Hey, it will not be instant, but I can guarantee it will ber faster than the payout process.

Please be patience regarding this, Joker is receiveing lots os requests but he is answering most of them in a daily basis.

Yeah it’s done now thanks, sorry I don’t know how to close the thread here.

how can i pm joker?

You need to make some posts here to unlock that. Then you can click on his profile and the message option will be there.

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