Made Payout by paypal

I made the payout by mistake just for curious and gameflip had not notified to re confirm the payout again. and it was immmediately.
I will continue using gameflip but I will be charged the fees. so it was in vain…
if the request is complete I cannot do anything?

You may ask GF to open Dispute in PayPal

yes, hopefully gameflip accept it @DunnBiscuit

Because I do not live in us so there is no reason to withdraw. I will continue buying here so I will lose

Sorry, i couldn’t understand you properly.

You requested a payout, is it complete?

If so nothing can be done, if it is under “needs approval”, I can cancel it for you, but I’ll need your invite code.

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Sadly payout was paid immediately so according gameflip they cannot cancel when is paid. I was injured for the mistake cuz I will use the same money to buy in gameflip :frowning: and well the fees will be added other thing, paypal do not support withdraws into my country ( there is no withdrawal options for my country)