Payout Reversal Requests

I received many messages from users requesting reversal of their non funded PayPal requests. I totally understand the motive and I’m glad to offer you guys this option.

If you would like to convert the amount you have requested for PayPal payout back to your cash balance, please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE with the following information:

-> Invite code
-> First and last name (as in your Gameflip account)
-> Copy & paste this text: "I own this Gameflip account and I approve this payout reversal request

If you have multiple requests and would like to get only one or two reversed, please specify.

Keep in mind that if you reverse only one from your multiple requests, the remaining requests won’t lose their place in the payout queue.

This service is only available for those who have PayPal payout requests in the “Needs Approval” state.

I’m taking these requests via PM only. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD sharing your invite code for a reversal request.

What about if im using my GF’s Paypal because it is verified? My gameflip account and my paypal account is not the same? Am i affected?

What do you mean affect? If you mean that if this would slow down your payout, no it won’t.

i mean is it ok i use my Gf’s paypal for withdrawing?

How to PM?

how to pm you,please help me.

Hey sir

I sent you pm with my details for payout reversal in the format you mentioned. I would really appreciate if you could carry forward my request as soon as possible, I am in need of money right now.


Do we need to do something to unlock PM? I don’t think I’m able to

My friend Germano_Moscon just made his account to PM you about this and it was suspended, and his comment needs approval or something like that. Could you PM him or fix it?

Hey I apologise constantly posting about this but I messaged you 5 hours ago all the details in the format you asked and still didn’t get the money back in gameflip wallet and if this takes as long as the payout then will defeat the whole purpose of it. I have already created a ticket days ago for cancelling payout, got no response to it. It’s really becoming a frustrating experience for me now. Hope you can help here me.

Thank you.


how do i pm u?

please tell us how to PM you, I do not have the option

Click this
and find MESSAGE

yes i had trouble because i did not pass the 3 reply minimum to unlock PM

how do you send a private message? does my forum account have to activity on it first?

Probably I will cancel my pp request too

how to pm you?

Alright thank you

I Cant Pm idk why can u pm me ?

Go to their profile
You should see the Message button after browsing and posting on the forum for 15 minutes:

You could always contact Gameflip by email and include your invite code