Paypal withdrawal/cashout issue - 15 days and counting


I’m a new seller (invite code 894VUC) and my second withdrawal to paypal has the “Needs Approval” message next to it. I received my first cash out in minutes via paypal, which is verified and I confirmed no issues on their end.

I waited 3 days for my sold listings to auto complete (buyers didn’t complete manually), then 7 days before the funds were made available in my wallet, and now I’m on day 2 of waiting for my paypal cashout. In total, 12+ days. How are new sellers supposed to be successful when funds are tied up for approx 1/3 of a month?

Can I please get some assistance with this @DunnBiscuit ?

Payouts might take up two complete business days to be processed. But, due to the gift cards you are selling and having some of your sales rescinded, this process might take another couple of days.

Thank you.


I cancelled most of my orders because I realized the payout time was longer than expected (7-10 days minimum). There is no real incentive for new sellers to put all or most of their stock on Gameflip without a guaranteed and set cashout timeframe. We are real people with bills and people to take care of, I just would expect a higher level of transparency around it.

I have taken down all my listings until I’m sure I can provide instant delivery and quality codes each time. Please let me know if that cashout to paypal can be reviewed today @DunnBiscuit

Still no reply from Gameflip confirming exactly when I will receive my funds.

Your payout will be reviewd today if it wasn’t taken care during the weekend.
This took longer due to the reasons I previously explained.

Thank you.

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