I was scammed by gameflip

I bought a 20 dollar steam gift card which the seller failed to mention that it was Canadian dollars and not American. So I opened a dispute. Due to the idiotic insistence of gameflip to force seller and buyer to resolve it themselves, me and the seller talked. He said he needed me to close the case so he could refund me, because the funds were on hold on paypal. So I closed the case. But at this point, I was fed up cause he wouldn’t refund me. I offered that he merely offer me 3 dollars back in my original purchase and I will keep the Canadian steam gift card. He agreed and sent me 3 dollars and asked that I rate a positive purchase since he still had money on hold in paypal. So I rated positive. And he did send me the 3 dollars and asked me if I have used the code. I said no. I was going to do it once I get home.
I got home and and tried it and steam said it was already redeemed.

I have the whole chat log.

Now I can’t reopen a case back up. Gameflip has a stupid policy of forcing buyers and sellers to work togather just so that the seller can cheat the buyer.

I give my warning to gameflip that if they don’t get me my money back in full. I will decline on my credit card(and I am legally justified to do so, chat logs are the evidence). This legally ignores all silliness of gameflip. Because it is clearly fraudulent policy. I had my lawyer friend look at this and what the seller made me do was akin to signing a contract(rating him positive/closing the case) under false pretenses. The card was supposed to work.

I will go the credit card company, even the courts. I will go to any lengths to get my 12 dollars back(buyer sent me 3 already. This is the principle of how wrong your policies are gameflip.

I sent gameflip about 4 tickets and they don’t respond.


TBH why would not redeem the code once you got it, not to mention you told him that you did not use it yet. It is safe to assume that your seller used the code for himself. Gameflip has a policy on digital goods/codes that once you receive the goods you should first use it, then rate the seller immediately. This is also not a scam done by gameflip. I understand you are mad but you musn’t take it out on gameflip they had nothing to do with this trade. Other than that, I hope you get back your money. Support on gameflip is really slow, it took them 12hour to reply to every single message I sent them.

Man I know it was a mess up. I was going to use it just that night. Look man I hope I get justice here. I have never scammed anyone in my life. If I loose my money on this. Ughhh let me say this, I just wouldn’t mind becoming an abusive parasite like this scumbag. It seems the world has lost all morality.

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I understand man, these scumbags should stop harming others to make themselves feel temporarily happy, hope gameflip bans the scammer and somehow gives you back your money. Best of luck to you and this will be a learning experience for you.

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Hey @Shashank_Paritala, how are you?

You said you opened 4 tickets already, can you give me their numbers so I can check them for you?

Once I have them I’ll check your case personally and also we may continue this discussion through them.


@Shashank_Paritala Please read the reply we sent to your ticket. You were given a full refund and the seller was banned for insisting that you rate him first.

Guys it’s all been taken care of. I am thankful for gameflip. I gave back the 4 dollar to the buyer on PayPal that he sent me. So I guess we all good. Thanks.


Glad you got it back! I think gameflips support is working faster and better on the forums better than the emails :joy:

So I just bought $100 steam card. The seller is wondering how to add it up as part of the order, instead of having to mail it to me physically. This way I could use it faster and he doesn’t have to mail it. Any ideas?

Wait u bought a steam card worth 100$ digitally or are you the one selling it.

You could always take the risk to tell him to send you the code straight from the card. However i suggest you wait for any support members to help you out.

Digital code sent is the best option, and you can add to Steam to verify (and screenshot if not for evidence). Steam Pumpkin does digital code “auto delivery”, which the best option.

Gameflip is currently doing the same with me. I bought white zombas and though some miss understanding, I couldn’t receive them and I opened a dispute. Then since gameflip took so long to refund me, I went to my back to open a dispute there and get my money back. The bank successfully received my money back. Dusting that time I found another pair of white zombas which I had purchase and received. Then gameflip suspended my account. So I made a new one to sell the zombas. Finally sold them for about $200 and decided to withdrawal the money from Gameflip to my bank account. Gameflip realized I was the same person they suspended before so they suspended my new account as well. They canceled the withdrawal and now the money’s just sitting in my wallet because I can’t withdrawal because I’m suspended. So my money that I earned legally is being held my Gameflip.

I know right Kevin, I literally just got scammed by gameflip also

I’m getting fed up

Hello @Taylor_Fielder, I saw you sent me a PM, I’ll answer all my PMs within 24 hours.

I’d like to ask you to stop commenting on all the posts, this might get your account suspended here as well.

I’ll check your message and try to help you the best as I can.


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