Dispute with the buyer

Hi i would like to share my experience and ask some question, i am in incident of dispute right now as buyer claiming my card/code has been already redeemed/used (steam gift card) this is $200 single, it is funny that all my transactions went smoothly no problem at $20/$50/$100 but on $200 only, this happened twice as buyer escalated dispute, first buyer opened a dispute claiming my $50 steam gift card already redeemed/used, fighting his side like acting as a victim and pleasing me to refund his money, after few days he completed the transaction, i still reported that buyer and now he’s banned already, now this happened 2nd time for my $200steam gift card

My 1st question is, i have submitted video recordings showing how i make listings and my code/card working as proven (testing the code seeing the conversion rate) on the video and submitted the actual gift card, is that powerful enough for me to able to win on dispute?

My 2nd question is, i am fighting with a verified buyer, does gameflip moderator will look on the background past records/trades, ratings, besides evidence?

For your first question, I am not sure because I don’t deal with giftcards.

For your second question, verified buyer does not give you an advantage regarding such situations. I have reported verified buyers before and they do get Ban as long as they did something against the rules OR scam. They might only scam 1 time out of 500 times but that will still grant them a Ban. Ratings do not matter if he is trying to scam as long you have evidence good enough. Some sellers do try to scam once in a while and since most people trust buyers with high ratings, some buyers do get scammed and cannot be helped because they did not record or screenshot etc. Gameflip admins/moderators are very Fair so don’t worry as long you have good evidence.

Goodluck. Just someone sharing his experiences.


Hello adamnatalie04,

I suggest that you contact Steam support and ask them for the redemption date/time of the code or send us whatever evidence that you already have via ticket by using the link below:


While working with disputes, we do check every single information from both buyers and sellers, even if they are both verified or not, so don’t worry.


Hello thankyou for the reply, as for your suggestion, i did that many times and steam support always replied that they won’t disclose any information regarding on code/cards (redemption details) unless required by law as they always stated, i already submitted my video recordings how i made listings and i how i checked the code (seeing the balance without proceeding) and the actual gift card on it

I am just worried as a new seller, got problem in just single transaction worth $200, a big lost profit if i lose in dispute

Today. I had to open a dispute with a seller which has never happened. I’ve always done transactions here and this new seller comes up, says she deliverers the item, and then uses a photoshopped picture of her delivering the item. Of course, I already recorded the fact that no transaction happened, and that she confirmed the trade before making sure that the item was even delivered. She then took an hour to respond and then claimed that she didn’t respond during the hour because she saw that I was bad (paraphrasing here, but the word bad was included), which makes no sense because if a buyer makes a dispute, you would want to check it out immediately even if it’s just a misunderstanding, and then pops up with the photoshopped trade after I already posted mine. Afterwards, I tell her I have a video recording to which she responds that if I post it I may get banned from game for crosstrading (which is so dumb as pretty much everything is crosstrading), which is essentially blackmail. Now I suffer the risk of getting banned along with losing my 100 dollars that I added fund into (plus the transaction fee). She basically insinuated that she will report me if I post the video. Of course, I sent the video anyway, but this is unacceptable…

Hello @LLVegetables,

Sorry to hear about your case.

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

Godspeed! :trident:

Order ID

Hi, this is the order ID, thank you!

They photoshopped a trade image but if you look closely at the image they provided, the font of the text name [my username] and the font used for the trade panel does not match.

Thanks for the info @LLVegetables!

I have added this information to your case ok and I can see that the dispute has already been assigned by the Dispute Team, so you should receive a response soon.

Godspeed! :trident:

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Thank you for your response!

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