Issues with codes I have purchased.

Hello everyone,
I am a regular buyer and seller on Gameflip, and recently I have experienced some issues with some giftcards I have bought. I am aware that once you have completed the purchase for an item, there is not much chance that you get your money back, however, I recently purchased two amazon cards and have had buyers telling me they are broken when they tried to use them. One of the cards was only listed at 8 dollars, and worth 10 dollars from a random seller, however the other was from a verified listed seller named GC-Store, someone I regularly buy from.I feel that something can be done to get money back for the purchase I made from GC-Store, but I don’t mind much about the 8 dollars I lost from the other :expressionless:.

So you bought cards on gameflip and try reselling them on gameflip?
You bought cards from a random seller and GC-Store and you try reselling them and the seller who bought from you said they was already redeemed?

Lucy :heart:

No. The buyers who I sold them to said they had already been redeemed.

I bought the cards from 1) a random seller ($8) and 2) GC-Store ($38)

If you didn’t rate them you can open a dispute.
Wait did you already rate them?

My apologies when i read your first post I got confused.

Lucy :heart:

Submit a ticket here

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Unfortunately yes. And I have just found out someone used a steam code when they sold it to me :frowning:. Not having a good time.