Two Purchases, Two Bad Codes

I just signed up for Gameflip because I figured “Why not” the prices seem good for something I want and I’ll give it a shot, then I made my first two purchases, and both have been for bad Google Play codes that were not redeemable. Is this the norm and the occasional one that works is a blessing?

I took a shot in the dark and made a third purchase! It went through just fine! YAY!

so everything is fine now?

Yeah! Gameflip refunded the first two transactions that were scams, when I read the forums I saw that you @adam_saber had already said they were scammers xD I guess I should check the forums first from now on. They wanted me to buy some Steam cards and I just wanted Google Play cards. Then I found a seller @Darin Elcock and bought two $100 Google Play gift cards from him just fine. Thankfully I have the disposable income to have the other $200 tied up in a 1-10 business day refund.

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Aw, i’m so glad you got refunded, as i said before i don’t like scammers at all xD but thank god that you were able to buy a gift card from trusted seller, Always be careful :heart::blush: