My first time encountering this problem. Is this normal for seller?


I’ve never had any issues buying from sellers on this site before, but today was different. I made a purchase of a $100 Google Play (30% off) card code listed for US region as restriction from this seller: The Gamer but the code when I redeemed was not working. I then opened a dispute asking the seller to provide me with another code or simply refund me the money. He told me to send him an email, in which I did. Shortly after he sent me instructions to buy an additional $50 steam code. I don’t think this is normally how I resolved my issues before with any sellers. Can an admin or someone shed some light on this. Or am I going to lose my $72.54 ?

Wow that isn’t right at all. When someone tells you to contact them outside of gameflip that is a bad sign as well. He or she could of easily requested that in gameflip but why then would they not? Because it is wrong and GameFlip clearly states not to do business outside of app/site. Probably didn’t want Gflip seeing that request. Spend another $50 and they will cancel hmm. Btw I just seen this person “The Gamer” aka XD Raven post the other day about wanting listings to go complete from 3 days to 1 day. I don’t want to speculate but it seems something fishy is going on with this seller. 0 Rep makes me even more suspicious. Hopefully I’m wrong. Hope you get your money back

No offense but the guy just registered and has 0 feedback and also all his listings are $70. This is a big red flag for me and I won’t risk it even if he’s offering 90% off.

Good luck, I hope you get your money back!

sorry about that
the account has been hacked and i got it back
also i refunded the payment for you
really sorry about that

LOL @tuhtran provide of this scam to moderator here, its really risky, send profile url

Sorry but why would anyone hack your 1-2 day old account with 0 feedback?

This asshole is the same scammer he did the same exact scam to buy a diff listing and show him a screen shot of the code not working and he takes and redeems the codes on steam ! This guy is probably the same person, why isn’t gameflip not doing anything about this guy this account has been active for a very long time but he hasn’t been banned, WHATS GOING ON GAMEFLIP GRT YOUR ■■■■ TOGETHER. Screenshot_20190927-211314|281x500

It’s an old account
i recently opened an account on this forum that why it says it’s new

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