Am I getting scammed ?

I bought a steam gift card from a guy, and he sent me a wrong code that’s not even working, what am I supposed to do now ?
I know I shouldn’t rate him, but the 3 days have started running out :"D

There should be an option to dispute the purchase - DO NOT RATE - and that will put it on hold (stopping the 3-day timer) while Gameflip will investigate your case.

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Same thing happened to me and I’m still waiting… Three months ago… I think its time to take legal action. If you agree lets get organized. This is not acceptable…

You got a 3 month old dispute? Can you send me your ticket number?

3 months old is odd. Please send us your ticket number so we can investigate this further.

I gave my $58 in items but they didn’t confirm trade has been done or gave me the money please help

Hey can you look into my case?