Please help. Am i getting scammed?

So basically i posted a listing for a steam gift card and got a comment saying that i must send the code through email. I am not sure if this is legit. Though i have not sent the code.

Looks like a common scam post in the pre sale message section. To be clear, your ad is still listed right? It has not be sold yet?

They do this all the time. You shouldn’t do anything until the item has actually been sold. I only do in game item trades, not cards or games, so I’m assuming the rules are the same.

Just report these posters and then block them. And make sure you’ve read every single help page on how to sell properly and safely.

Yes ive read quite a few. Thank you for the help. And to be clear i still have the code to my self

Good job! Believe it or not, there are actually people who fall for this. It’s a shame with all the warnings, people still lack the common sense.