Another scammer in Gift cards section

So bought $5 Steam gift card. The seller gave me used code. I have a screenshot from the minute I got it. Hes sayin that I got my money and Im lying. The transaction is on hold from week, also texted your support twice about that case but havent recieved reply. Please help.

Order ID

Hi there! Looking into this we see we replied to your email on March 10th but never heard back from you. Please check your email. We requested additional information from you so we can look into this further.

We also sent you a text message reminder.

So to be sure that theres no mistakes i’ve checked all my mails. Didn’t saw any reply from you. Please text me again.

Make sure you set your email address correctly in your Gameflip profile (or change to the correct one). It’s common for a lot of us to use a disposal email address at registration, but if the service is truly useful, we should ensure it’s an email we check. Otherwise, companies can’t reach out to us.

@Bruta1SHOT Can you tell your e-mail via PM? Please, ignore this message if your case is already solved.

Got my case solved. Thanks a lot!

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