Scam Seller - brian l - Please help!!

Need help with several gift cards purchased from Gameflip. Amazon withheld the balance and wouldn’t release it. I have an e-mail from Amazon stating that I need to contact Gameflip because the account of the seller where the gift cards originated from are fraudulent.

I’ve opened a support case but have not heard back, it’s been a month:

Here is the seller: Buy & Sell Games, In-Game Items, Gift Cards and More - Gameflip

It looks like the seller deleted his own account and ran away! But I have screenshots and receipts of the seller where I purchased them from.

Here are the gift card order numbers that were fraudulent:

Please help!

@DunnBiscuit , please help with this issue. I’ve been scammed but Gameflip hasn’t responded. It’s almost a month since Amazon withheld my balance!

@DunnBiscuit , I’ve submitted a new ticket just in case the old ticket had too many details.

Here is the link:

Same issue. Thank you.

Hello kellykline,

I’ve checked with the support team about it and they are working on your issue. They will answer your ticket as soon as possible.


Thank you so much :pray:! It’s a lot of money to me and was worried sick.

Thank you, @MajorTom ! The issue has been resolved. Great customer service from Gameflip!!

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@MajorTom I have the same problem. The support team won’t response my request. Please look at request 718171. Thank you very much.

Hello @Frank,

I have verified your ticket and can see that the Support Team resolved your case.

Also, keep in mind that the support team informed that you will receive the funds from the refund into your account approximately 3–14 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated (this time frame all depends on your bank and how they handle refunds).

In the message they sent to you there is also more information regarding the refund.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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