Help....I’ve been scammed by a seller

I’ve made hundreds of purchases on here without any issues but sadly I’ve now been caught out by a seller who has scammed me. I purchased 2 x £200 Amazon gift cards which have subsequently had the funds taken away by Amazon. Unfortunately i had already finalised both purchases. It would seem from subsequent reviews that i am not alone.

Can somebody please help. I’ve reported the seller.


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Since the transactions has been finalized, you would need to make a ticket to Support (with all the information and proof) then providing the ticket ID to DarkKnight.

Thanks. I’ve done that and the ticket number is


This is the seller in question

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And this is a message i received from him…

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Sorry that happened. It happens to tbe best of us tho, support wont be able to refund you either.

And unfortunately the Seller is technically correct that once youve actuvatex it on your personal account they arent affiliated to the funds at that point.

Some tips to help you avoid scams in the future-
Only buy from sellers with a lot of sales and a very high percentage rating (i usually try to buy from people 97% or more with at least a few hundred sales)

Also check their description of the cards rught away. If they have something like "You must use the code immedietly, etc) then dont buy. Often times its because they want you to spend it right then and there so they dont get negative feedback or a dispute.

I’m sorry, i disagree. I’ve paid for a valid gift card, not one that gives me the funds and then takes them away again a day later. To me that’s not how a seller or Gameflip should operate. That seller is still blazenly selling on here despite it having happened to at least 3 buyers he’s sold to…

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Hello everyone!

@Andgiles I see the support team is still investigating your issue

It depends on the case, as this is not a strict rule that we follow. If we see that the seller is at fault, the support team will refund the buyer and take action against the seller’s account even if the transaction has already been completed.

Again, it depends on the case. It’s always better to open a ticket to the support team when this happens.

These are nice tips

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I too was scammed by this same person. It was only until days after that Amazon withheld the balance so I gave the seller a good rating. How am I supposed to know that later down the road what I purchased was removed from my account? Amazon said the giftcard violated their TOS. Gameflip needs to stand by their policy and provide protection to the most precious part of this business which is us BUYERS.

If their support does not reply back to my support ticket soon, I guess I will dispute the transaction via my Credit Card company.

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I got scammed by the same person! I have reported him also. Hopefully Gameflip will be able to see the pattern and refund us what we are owed!!!

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@JH402 @Moonface Can you tell me the ticket number?

Just keep in mind that your Gameflip account will be permanently banned if you do this. I suggest that you wait for the support team.

@JH402 @Moonface to let you know that I’ve provided evidence to Gameflip that Amazon cancelled the gift cards i purchased after the buyer of the cards cancelled the transaction with his credit card provider. Likely they were purchased with a stolen credit card.

I’m currently awaiting a reply from Gameflip after having contacted the seller. Hopefully the fact a number of us have been scammed will help our case

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hi. Are you able to see what investigations the support team have been carrying out? I had an update 5 days ago to say they had contacted the seller and would update me when they receive a reply.

I’ve just had an email with no mention of the seller and suggesting they’d been waiting to hear from me and that they will assumr the matter has been resolved unless they hear from me within 48 hours?! Obviously I’ve replied to say it hasn’t been resolved…

I was advised by game flip agent that my bank did not follow my instruction and processed a charge back (to this date, i don’t see a refund on my account so i don’t know what happened there - i did call them to consult timeline given i haven’t received response from GF but did say specifically do not process charge back). This result in

  • my account being locked (i don’t know if this means permanently banned), and
  • Game flip closed all my requests as resolved

This is the 11th day I am awaiting for response on these 2 GCs and did not receive any update. The only action taken place yesterday now I realized is because my Bank did something…that I asked them not to do…

Need help here to understand where I am at… will i receive a refund at all? Is GF still looking into these transactions? am I banned from buying?


For reference my support tickets are 754696, 754698. I have also provided my chat with Amazon as evidence as well. I had purchased $600 from this same seller. After purchasing, he urges me to complete transactions and balances were removed the next day.

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@JH402 @Moonface @Rebecca_L

Just to let you know Gameflip have just informed me that ‘due to problems with the seller’ they’ve cancelled both of my purchases and refunded my money :grinning:

Hopefully the same will happen for you too

thanks - that’s great update!
Although i feel my account will be forever banned :frowning:
My bank probably did a chargeback inquiry, which triggered the gameflip review. but they did not actually process charge back to give me a refund as i told them not to.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight would you be able to help here :frowning: hoping to maintain my account.

Hello @Rebecca_L !

I have verified the ticket and can see that our Financial Department is waiting for further contact from the payment processor regarding the case.

In this case, we need to wait to proceed and see what can be done.

Godspeed! :trident:

Thank you for following up.

When we say related account - this includes family, relatives and friends?

Hello @Rebecca_L,

Sorry for the wait.

This usually means accounts that are related in certain ways that the system detects.

For security purposes, I’m not able to provide further information, but this should not affect friends in most cases.

Godspeed! :trident: