What Can I do about this Scam someone did on me.

Heres the story in short, I bought a 500$ Gift card from this seller (https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:354b35cf-7a2b-4980-8a7f-320959c3b8ea/xkultiv?limit=36&status=onsale) He or She sent me the code and I redeem it added the 500$ to my account and then I went to work and came home to this

I contacted customer support quickly only to get this response (https://gyazo.com/23a092ce3b879e0410d6a17d2e4f8b5d)
So they basically “locked” my funds or something that I can’t use them and now I am out 440$ and 500$ on Amazon.

I started a support ticket on Gameflip Help & Support showing the Whole Customer service chat + the sellers chat. But what can I do further more cause this is pissing me off that I got scammed that much money.

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Hello there.

Maybe Amazon Blocked your funds? not the seller’s problem because you have already added them so you should contact Amazon Support too! it might work.

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I already contacted Amazon customer support shown in the screen shot above.

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Great! Wish they can help you out bro! good luck with that.

Did you read my post Lmao they said they couldn’t help me in the screenshot and the seller was the only way to get my funds.

Its your mistake because seller’s profile looks suspicious (not verified with low feedback score and also looking to the amounts he is selling, they looks stolen!) but i think the moderators will help you because this seller is violating the terms by selling stolen gift cards. Just contact them through messaging or mention them here. Good luck man!

I agree, Because that seller seems Scammer or something.

Yeah it was pretty dumb of me to purchase but you know there is always that slight doubt which I should have never have trusted. But yeah I hope they can help me out.

They will refund your money back just send a request for them Dont worry about it

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