scammed by an Amazon gift card seller. Need help, please!!

There is one purchase i just made for an amazon gift card worth 200$ for 150$ on gameflip. The seller has sold 4 already and there he got the positive ratings so i thought i wouldn’t face any problem with him and decided to make the purchase. After making the purchase i redeemed the code and worked and then i rated him on gameflip as positive. 30 minutes later when I completed a purchase on amazon i realized it said my gift balance was 0.00. Went to the gift card balance history and the gift card i purchased show up as blocked. Is like if i never introduced that gift card into my account. I really need help with this since the seller already got my money and there’s no way to freeze that transaction because i Already rated him.

I uploaded screenshots
Invite code: Invite code: 7122XF
I already sent a ticket to support : #211423
My profile:
Transaction ID: f021030a-d141-4532-a689-71e269109de7

Contact the support of gameflip.
And leave your invite code here so a mod can take a look @DunnBiscuit

I need your help again @DunnBiscuit

I answered your ticket requesting more information about the case. We will continue the conversation over there.