Gameflip gifted my money to the scammer!

Gameflip gifted my money to the scammer!
The buyer opened dispute, I replaced the code, I just trusted him and thought maybe really it’s my fault if the first code didn’t work but I checked the second code before giving it to the buyer for the replacement and the code was working 100% as the first code too as I know now. So the buyer said the second code doesn’t work too. I asked the buyer to provide some evidences other than screenshots he provided, he didn’t reply. I reported on him to Gameflip support that he is a scammer and trying to scam sellers. But didn’t receive any reply. So he just successfully scammed me twice and I didn’t receive the payment at least for one code because Gameflip cancelled the transaction in scammer’s favor! I’m shocked!

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Which company were these gift cards for? Often times if you call customer service for the company, they can identify when, where and how the gift card was used. This information will surely nail the scammer and prove your innocence. If you need help, let me know and I will do what I can to assist you in taking down this scammer.

I asked the buyer (scammer) to provide a screenshot from steam support stating exact date and time of use of the keys, the first and the second key and the keys visible in the same conversation. He didn’t. Gameflip came and just cancelled the transaction without any words. And I’m wonder and still shocked - HOW is it possible? There is a dispute between the seller and the buyer and the seller didn’t agree and the buyer didn’t provide required evidences and HOW could Gameflip without additional evidences from the buyer just cancelled the transaction on his favor?
And Gameflip even didn’t check that there wasn’t any other disputes with other buyers, no one ever said that the code has already been redeemed. The only who said is the scammer and 2 codes at once!
So, now happy scammer will continue trying (with old or new accounts) and successfully trying to scam sellers with this helpful support from the Gameflip!

What are these key codes for(playstation, xbox, steam, nintendo?) It does you no favors to withhold information and it slows down the process. Does the company of the key codes provide customer service?

I already said in the previous post - Steam.

In these situations contact gameflip directly, they will then contact the buyer asking for evidence proving their claim, If you don’t they will sometimes cancel the transaction in buyer favor, happened to me once, won’t happen again

Please copy and paste his profile URL here, maybe someone recognise him or maybe he will try to scam us as well.

As I wrote before, I immediately reported that he was trying to scam. But no reaction. Now they have already let go the lucky scammer. After that I created a ticket again and also no reaction.

Hey @Perfectus, can you please contact me via PM and send your ticket number so I can look into this further?

How old are? You are soooo young… I mean Gameflip as a marketplace. Are you 2 years old? I have another case. And it’s awful! Allowed to sell DLC. So I sold DLC and gift game (like as a bonus). The buyer said that he didn’t receive item he expected for. But the description was absolutely clear and buyer received exactly 2 items according to the description!!! It’s DLC and gift game (bonus). DLC and gift game (bonus) - both are clearly named in the description.
And you cancelled the transaction despite on the buyer received exactly items according to the description! Ahahah. :joy::scream::crazy_face:
It’s awful!
It’s ridiculous!


You done the same if I will come to shop and will buy tomato (where it’s clearly named “tomato” on it), will eat it and then will come back to shop and will say - do refund my money, I expected it to be potato :joy::joy::joy: