Buyer's that claims 'giftcard allready been redeemd'

Dear Gameflip Forum.

Recently i came across buyers that claim the giftcards/codes are already been used. I’m a verified seller on gameflip with over 180+ good reviews and i won’t risk being banned for selling ‘‘fake giftcards’’. I feel really uncomfortable in this situation because they call me a ‘‘scammer’’ but they are actually the ones that are scamming. Can someone inform me about this toppic how gameflip handels this situation. I already ones lost 50 dollar and don’t want this to happend again,

unfortunately same thing is happening to me

For example if you sell steam cards, contact steam support and ask them the time and date the code was used and take a screenshoot of the chat between you and the support. That would bust the scammer and create a ticket and send that proof to gameflip

This is also for you @milad_samie

This scenario happened with me many times and i got 87 ratings and this way i proofed the codes were working and got my money and the scammer gets banned or suspended

well in my case it was for itunes codes, and itunes support does not provide that information to me. but fortunately I have my ways of proving the code was valid before the buyer redeemed it and I already sent the screen recorded to gameflip. the problem is it usually takes almost 2 weeks for gameflip to review and solve the case. so that’s 2 weeks of holding money and not being able to order new batches for selling. That’s a little sad

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Post your invite code so a moderator can help

Hello guys, you may send me your invite code as @mohannade8 said, so I can check the cases.

Please, send me that information! I’ll be able to help you then.

@DunnBiscuit my inv code: U15P2Y
one of them is this person with 2 different accounts, with one of them he bought 4 codes and put all of them on disputes with other one he bought one and didn’t do anything:

Thanks for the info @milad_samie, we will investigate this. Please, give us a couple of days to do so.

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@DunnBiscuit still waiting

Hey man, sorry about the delay.

I was able to finish the investigation here and removed the hold from the sales, you may rate it and receive your money.



Thank you very much, just one more left that i think you forgot to look into:

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