Buyer raised a dispute saying code already redeemed.. please help

Hi…I m new to Gameflip, that’s why I didn’t know about how to deal with fraud buyers but yesterday I had a successful sale so I thought it’s just easy and safe to auto deliver gift codes but Today I posted $20 amazon egift card and a username Tortle buy that and after an hour he raised a dispute saying it’s already redeemed.i checked his profile… nothing was there just one comment and when I asked him to send ss he sent me the one showing gift code already redeemed to another account…I thought how can it be.i haven’t done any redemption and why would I put already redeemed code,even though I m a new seller and I don’t even have huge amount to sell as I get gift codes as a reward from universities or helping in research studies…so I thought to sell $15-20 here in Gameflip but I was so shocked that how it all happened…I didn’t know much About this fraud buyer stuff so I just apologised and said I would cancel the transaction… I didn’t bought the egift codes by myself, therefore I don’t even know how to check it’s legibility… thus I believed whatever he said about already redeemed thing and I cancelled the transaction…At that time I didn’t know what to do… therefore I did the best what I should have…and now I think it’s not possible to get the money back and also my codes get used…I don’t what that is…if he is telling the truth or lying…I don’t know… I have never sell anything anywhere and it happened out of nowhere…I just didn’t know what to do…I only have a screenshot of my code and nothing else to prove…
If still something could be done…I want to know better about how to protect ourselves (sellers) from such stuff…it’s sad that I lost such amount in which I hve spent my time…even though it can be called as free but still it was something which took my time to get such amount as a reward…
I want to know if something could be done in my case after I myself stupidly cancelled the transaction and how to be more aware…because fraudsters can hve way more tricks to prove themselves right… please help

Now this isnt comprehensive advice or anything but when someone is telling you something that just doesnt make sense, doesnt add up, like a gift card you know is legit, and they are also on a brand new account you have to turn on the suspicion right there. the websited has plenty of reading material on the procedure you might have followed. Never give the benefit of the doubt or assume someone is being honest in an online setting. Your safety comes before their convenience, and good customers will understand if an issue arises and you take the proper steps to resolve it. They might even be more appreciative than they would have been otherwise, because you showed them that you can solve problems if they arise and you know your stuff. Familiarize yourself with how to check the status of the gift cards you sell. And never take their word that your card was the issue. Because if you keep selling you will get lied to again, guaranteed. When it happens and you open a dispute like you should, they are going to ask both sides for evidence and they provide examples you can read at the helpdesk section of what can be used as evidence. Get in the habit of collecting it before and after transactions, and if the customer has issues he cant build a stronger case than you if all hes got is a house of cards


Ok,I m very grateful for the assistance . And I have searched about how to check status of gift cards but don’t get anything clear about this…and most of the egift codes I get are emailed to me through research organisation…so how can I give them a proof as I only have this email and I don’t know if it was being used earlier or not…it’s fresh for me but I don’t know anything about its history

well usually to check you will have to call the issuer of the card, customer service department. so if its steam wallets funds get in touch with steam, amazon call amazon. some you might be able to check online yourself anytime. the email may be helpful in a dispute situation because it proves ownership of the cards, they wouldnt be sending you bunk cards, as it sounds like they do this regularly for people who help them. it couldnt hurt to show that email. i dont sell gift cards myself so i really cant go any deeper on this, there should be a way to check the cards though i think


Yeah…I will definitely put all this in check… thanks for cordial assistance

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