Buyer dispute saying my 50usd amazon codes is already been redeemed

Hi ,im having trouble with one of my buyer.18hrs ago since he got my code then 15hrs ago he opened a dispute i tried to ask him what is the problem with the code he told me that the code is already been redeemed on another account. First of all i never list a amazon e gift code that is already been used i have a perfect rating up until now and my buyers are all happy aside from him he is not one of my regulars i check his account finding out it is a 2016 account without any rating.I already sent all the evidence i have even my rating i don’t really know how to deal with this kind of situation since it’s first time happen to me. I’m an honest and trustworthy seller and i dont want any negative rating on my account.

Being you try working with the buyer and they want listen. All you can do is send any evidence you thinks going to help you. The buyer need to have good evidence too to show gameflip they didn’t use the code. If the buyer dont send gameflip thier Amazon history gift page showing they didn’t redeemed it the buyer may lose.

Just send in all the evidence you think that will help small or big.

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He showed me some cropped image saying the codes has already been redeemed on another account. I suspect he redeemed it on other account then he put the redeemed code to a new account to show that it is already been redeemed. I wish seller have also more protection against this kind of buyers. :(:disappointed_relieved:

You will most likely lose. He can make 2nd account easily. 2 things can help You! Dunnbiscuit, private message him but he is not working on weekend I think and second is talk or email or chat with Amazon and ask them to provide You the details of the card, most specifically when it was used. Before or after the card was sold. This information might save You

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All evidence needs to be uncropped pictures

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Yes buyer can create a 2nd account so easily for his monkey business and will bluntly accuse the seller for “already used codes”

Amazon is strict for giving information

Just beg them. @CidxLucy how you got your info?

Where can I message sir dunnbiscuit?

My apologies
@DunnBiscuit most likely wont reply into Monday being its the weekend.

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I see so i just need to wait for a working days before i can message him.I tried to message amazon and I’m still waiting for their response i hope they can provide at least the time and date when code was redeemed.

Hey! I was in a similar situation recently and the best thing to do is contact Amazon’s live support and as long as you still have the card with all the information they will be able to tell when it was redeemed which you can compare to when the code was purchased. If everything works out, the evidence provided by amazon will be very solid.

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I will try that thanks!

What exactly evidence did you submit to the support @Grizzlyislit can you please explain it step by step,I’m losing hope on this one since the time is limited,I don’t know if I submitted a strong evidence since what I’m selling is e-gift card and amazon takes too long to reply on every email

Hey! If you go to contact us, you can fill in the details of your issue, and then use the chat option to speak to someone live. Then if you have the details of the card you should be able to find out when it was redeemed.

I can’t see any live chat option on my amazon account only email or call option.


In your case, please, open a ticket to the support team here:

Send them all evidence you have and be prepared to send more if they ask to.

If it passes a few days with no answer, please PM me so i can help you further.


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Thank you sir @DunnBiscuit I messaged the support few days ago and I’m still waiting for their response,i already sent them some evidences.Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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With the help of sir @DunnBiscuit this case is solved.Thank you sir.And I already blocked this buyer name Swaggi

I hope that he will never used that account again for inappropriate reasons


Hello I don’t know how to pm but the same thing just happened to me. I listed a $550 amazon gift card and the buyer instantly stated it was already redeemed. Please help me