Seller Won’t respond After requesting a picture

Hi guys,
I bought an Amazon gift card and it was instant delivery so i tried to redeem it but the code was already redeemed i asked the seller for help and he said ( Stop trying to scam me ) The seller has some bad and neutral reviews but i said that will not be an issue, So he just kept saying that while i’m trying to redeeming it more than 1 time and the same message pops, Then i asked him to send a picture of the gift card and he didn’t reply, What should i do?


Hi @DarkKnight Can you help me please?

My order: d6201a99-792d-47cb-a919-1f3abcaca9f4

Hello @xPzsd,

Unfortunately, I cannot jump into this and solve it. My powers are not that great :slight_smile:

Contact the seller, if they do not respond within 24/48 hours, I suggest moving the purchase onto a dispute, and supply the support team all the evidence that they will need, and be prepared to send more if they ask. All the evidence that you show must be uncropped.

If you cannot open a dispute, please contact the support team to help you:
If a few days pass with no answer, PM someone: @DarkKnight / @MajorTom / @DunnBiscuit

I am sorry that I cannot personally help you with this. I hope your case gets solved, and please let me know if you need more help.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

Seller just reply’s with stop cheating, i have opened a dispute and then seller was not willing to help yet so i esclated it to gameflip i have sent 2 pictures of the message uncropped

very easy way to win that dispute, contact amazon and ask them for the time that key was redeemed, as if if u did receive a redeemed key the redeeming time will be before u get your key, and with this u send ity to him and gameflip support with your escalation, as if u don’t provide real prof u will loss that dispute

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try to contact amazon support right now and gave them the key and ask them for redeeming time for it with your time zone then match it with when the key was sent to you and as u did get a used key the redeeming time will be before the key is sent, and so you do provide this to the seller telling him to get u new key or refund u and u will be sending to gameflip support as his scammer. as sending massages to support saying the key is used with out prof u will loss that dispute mostly.

I Will do that
And will sending Last transactions help?
From amazon

personally all u need is redeem time as if it shows the key is redeemed before u received it and u send that to the seller he will gave u new key or refund u as he know you didn’t lie and even if he don’t do that the support should provide you with full refund

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I contacted the amazon customer service and he said it was redeemed today! What should i do?? The seller just keeps ignoring my messages and he don’t want to help

the amazon support should have u full time for redeeming ask them for that the exact time, if they ask you for receipt u ask the seller to get you one to conform the redeeming time

as they will tell you this was redeemed at 20:31:00 GMT or as they should gave full info

Seller says this is a instant release code, i Will try that

I contacted them and they said there was no time for when it was redeemed

Can you please help? @MajorTom

Just some advise for your future purchases to prevent such problems as much as possible.

  1. Never buy giftcards/codes from people who have bad and neutral reviews. I understand from your other reply on another topic,they would be trustable since they need to be Gameflip verified in order to sell. The truth is you won’t know whether someone is a scammer or not even if they are verified.

  2. Buy from people with high amounts of good reviews.

  3. Buy from people who sell them as ‘Auto Delivery’

  4. Record from the start of buying the giftcard to using it. That way, it will really show it did not work if it ever happens again. Also take note that after you see the code, you will have to go into the redeem code page and use it asap.

You need to understand that some buyers are scammers as well. Therefore, recording and the proof of when it was redeemed plays an important factor. Of course, we all don’t want it to happen so best to buy from someone who has a lot of good reviews recently and no bad reviews.

For your case, if the seller can’t provide anything like a receipt or just ignores you like you wrote, then it’s more suspicious. Along that, since he/she has some bad reviews as well, it would naturally be more suspicious.

For your current issue, since you already esclated it, just wait for a response. Once a dispute has been esclated, Support will be the one monitoring and deciding the final outcome so just send proof that they need when they ask. Also make a ticket to Support and give the Ticket ID during the dispute.

I really didn’t know all of that, since i used to sell and buy rocket league and there was no scam at all, i have 72 positive reviews and only 1 bad review when someone bought from me and i cancelled cause i sold it for ingame items and i forgot to delete and somehow he rated me, I never scammed on gameflip i’m on gameflip since march 2018, I really didn’t know about this recording thing, i just want to get what i bought or get refunded and buy from trustworthy sellers, he has about 80 positive / 5 netruel / 4 bad reviews , next time i will do this Recording thing but sadly i didn’t know this tip
Thanks for helping, @DarkKnight please help me

No need to tag them more than once in same topic. Do take note that they are not here 24/7 or come on daily so you need to wait for a reply from them.

Please do not make multiple topics of same context too.

I will reply to both your reply and your new topic here and close the other topic if that’s okay.

Rocket league as in ‘In Game Items’ right? In game items are different from gift cards. For some games, there are records of trading made so if you give the item, the evidence is there already and you can easily record like a 1 minute video of them or you giving the item which is fairly simple. You just need to confirm their IGN (In Game Name) on Gameflip and give the item. It’s hard to get scammed because if they did not give the item means they did not. They can’t prove that they gave you the item when they didn’t.

Recording is mostly for gift cards/codes which are more prone to scams. Scammers can just lie to say they gave it already. And the buyer will have to prove that the seller is lying in this case. Depends case on case whose the scammer. It will just waste people’s time. Therefore, recording is so that you protect yourself and save everyone’s time as well. Auto Delivery is advised when buying giftcards so you can record the whole process instead of waiting for the seller to give code.

There is no 100% truthworthy sellers in this world. I have seen people with only positive reviews 100+ scam people. You never know when they will do it or why or how. It doesn’t usually happen but it does happen sometimes.
You can only trust recordings and evidence. You take records of each transaction and that protects you. Support or staff might take a few days to reply you but that’s because there’s a lot of people requesting help everyday. (Do not count weekends and Holidays). Please be patient about it.

If any more doubts, DM me directly. Here is how DM works,

For your other question,

If you didn’t really know, for most games/sites, buying items outside of their own sites is agaisnt their rules. What really makes people get ban however is not buying from other sites. Lots of people do that so it doesn’t really matter. It is because the codes sold are tagged. For example, as ‘Stolen’. Probably a scammer then if code is already redeemed. Support will ask for more proof if needed as always so do send a ticket to Support apart from esclating the dispute.

This is a long reply and hopefully can answer some of your questions. For your issue, you need to wait for a reply from them. Tagging constantly will not help.


Hello @xPzsd,

I have verified your case and can see that the Support Team already closed this dispute.

If you have further doubts regarding this issue, please contact the support team using the link below?

God Speed! :trident: