Amazon taking back gift cards that were purchased on Gameflip.

My Code: QZYT42

Hello all (And specifically Dunn Biscuit), Recently Amazon has withheld 100 USD from my account. After looking into it and contacting support they sent me this email.

Basically the email says that the cards were reported as stolen and to contact the person I got this from. In all honesty I wouldnt be surprised if Amazon terminated my account as it looks like I am stealing or carding on their site. They are obviously not stolen on my end as I paid for them as seen below.

(Order ID: 28459889-c18f-49cd-82b8-b76e0e8e7387)

(Order ID: 72dedbd2-c828-439f-9344-aa6d6d4d320e)

This is a somewhat reputable seller too which is what baffles me. He’s nearing 1,000 positive reputation. Am I able to be refunded by Gameflip in this case? Amazon has already said there is nothing they can do and they will not be restoring the balance.

Also my advice to everyone is to not purchase gift cards of any sort on here. (Except from maybe steampumpkin?) Gift cards reported as stolen can have your accounts terminated completely. This goes for all platforms (Playstation Network, Amazon, Xbox, etc…) Its an immediate red flag to the company that you’re a liability and they usually are pretty firm on this kind of thing.

Thank you all and have a great day.


Good to know. Thank you for the heads up and hopefully gf can help you out on this case. I can see if that person has reviews because you didn’t find out until way after you would have rated.

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You should erase your keys/codes from screenshots, unless you’re absolutely sure they’re useless.

I’ve said this before. It can take months before a gift card seller has all his codes revoked. I lost $50 in Amazon on here too :frowning: I think the initial barrier to selling gift cards (new account requirements) will help the issue though.

The biggest problem here is like I said, this seller has 900+ Feedback. Even with the new requirements this will probably continue to plague the site.

The seller may be reselling the codes, so give him/her the benefit of the doubt.

Nevertheless, should contact Gameflip support for help.

Yes I’ve made a ticket, just thought I should post it here too for more clarity and so maybe the Dunn himself may rule in on it.

Hey Vanilla!

Thanks for the report. Please PM me if you haven’t done so already with the ticket number and invite code.

I’ll investigate it myself whenever possible.

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I have the same problem with that guy!!! Amazon took $180 from my gift card balance! I sent every information that admin asked per request and I haven’t heard back from them for more than 1 week!!!

FYI, this is the other account from that seller, I’m sure because I almost lost 1 gift card amount but luckily Amazon gave it back to me. After kindly asking for help, he blocked me. The same pattern as the seller that you had the problem with

I highly doubt it. I did a little search with google and people say that those codes were charged back so Amazon locked them! Some codes could be hacked from other people and mixed with the reselling ones

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Unfortunate that its happening to a lot of people. Thanks for the post Harry!

The problem is, you don’t know what you’re buying.
When things are cheaper than normal, it’s for a reason.
Simply buy amazon codes to spend your funds immediately.
Problem solved.

Of course, I did. Item was lost in transit, cs helped me credit it back and Amazon took that balance :joy:

So our problems haven’t been solved but the seller is able to get out of suspension and come back to the site. Perhaps he can withdraw all the money to his bank account by then.


Oh its going to take a long time for them to get to us. Support has been sluggish as of late.

Support contacted me via email today for more information about this, so there’s something.

Nah. They contacted me to submit all evidence and haven’t heard back from them for 10 days. Even I messaged to check if the investigation is going on, there’s no answer.

The worst thing on the site is that when the scammers block you, you literally can’t do anything. They just move on and scam other people and withdraw all the fund before getting suspended. You can’t even pm other buyers to be cautious

Hello guys.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to check your cases as of yet. But i’ll try to answer them soon.

Remember that this kind of case is very complicated and we are checking every information possible.

If you guys haven’t done so already, please PM me with the ticket number.

I’ll be able to check it more easily.
Thank you.


I’m having this happen as well to lower amounts of gift card codes. I’ve purchased several codes for from here and now around $19 worth is pending for balance held/ and $5 is withheld from my account. At the moment I don’t even know which codes are causing this, as it doesn’t explain anything or say which code is causing the issue, I’m just worried it’ll happen to the rest of my balances as they were purchased by mostly the same 2 sellers. I’ve tried contacting Amazon customer service but they seem to not be helpful and they transferred me to different people for at least 20 times. They said will get back to me. As of now, I’m just waiting for their replies.

After talking to Amazon yesterday they revealed to me they aren’t allowed to give me the exact code that was redacted from my account, for security reasons of course. I had to give them the claim codes and have the amazon support agent confirm if that was the right claim code. I hope that helps you.

Yikes, does that mean I’d have to give them every $2, and $5 code I’ve redeemed? Some sellers were selling larger sums and, gave me like 10 codes of different values. This will be a headache, definitely makes one wary of purchasing gift cards on here. Idk what I should do now. I assume they got the codes illegitimately, and now we suffer the consequences :(.