Amazon taking back gift card bought from Gameflip

Please help! I bought a $100 Amazon card and it worked fine when I redeemed it but weeks later the funds were taken from my account and the card was “de-activated” . 2019-02-08 The user who sold to me was “Iyskayshop” but his account is no longer there so I can’t contact him. I made a support ticket with Gameflip.

Ticket Code: 404260

Account ID: UYNQV8

If true this not making me feel good I bought a lot from that user this month and last month and the last week of December.

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Better use the balance fast.

Wait that picture say January 27. Did they remove today and the 27th is when you added it or was it removed on the 27th?

I may have to use it. I was saving it all up.

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I redeemed the card on January 5th and it was taken away on the 27th. I just noticed it yesterday when I went to make a purchase. I would use it fast

Oh my i don’t know how to tell if my redeemed codes was real or stole or whateve

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The support team just answered you requesting more information about this issue. Please, gather the information and send to us so we can continue to provide further help.

Thank you.

I was finally able to receive a proper response from Amazon. They said the card was “suppressed due to unauthorized activity”. I replied to the ticket with all the information.

So basically Amazon said they removed the money?
I’m only asking for future help being I bought cards from that seller too. I understand Gameflip is where I need to send the information if it happening to me.

Thank you @Bubba Im sorry this happening to you but im thanking you because you was so helpfull.

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Yes they said the gift card was “fraudulent” and that’s why the funds were removed from the account

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@DunnBiscuit I sent all the information but haven’t recieved a reply yet. Can you help please?

I just answered your tcietk, sorry for the long wait.

Thanks for sending all the requested info.

Have a nice day.

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Thank you!

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