Got scammed in 180$

Hi,in September 8, 2018, I bought 3 amazon gift cards each one for 75$ and spend 60$ for each one, I’ve redeemed 3 gift card codes and they worked, but after i rated the seller for 1 day
amazon took my codes and they put it withheld and i’m in risk to get ban in my amazon account
because they told me the gift cards were unavailable or stolen and they asked me to contact the seller but i can’t contact him and he scammed me, can you please help me ?
Order id’s:
1st : 252150d0-2ddf-454c-97c1-4d912d6d9d46

2nd : 4879e42b-77fe-4c8a-a545-77488b2e9227

3rd : 8f773dbb-5963-423a-b1d0-f706da6cba7e

Hi there,

First give us the link of that seller who sold you these Gift cards . also report it.
Second create a ticket Here

Gameflip support will check all the info you send and issue you a refund or give you the best solution for this problem.


that’s his acoount link, but it’s not available‬
i’ve contacted that e-mail, is that the email of support ?

Yeah that’s correct, second um there was similar situation before. Same scam just like you had.

This is the LINK of the guy who got scammed just like you by same Seller.

Well, you can read that topic, and send a message to that guy who got scammed maybe you will get some more info.

There is a lot of scammers around Gameflip and some of them are easy to spot. I’m suggesting you to buy from someone who have good active reputation like Steam Pumpkin for a example. He’s selling various gift cards, subscriptions for Xbox Playstation etc etc. This is Steam Pumpkin’s Profile.

And for the last wait for that answer from Support, you can ask @DunnBiscuit for some help and that’s pretty much it for now. I hope you will get refund or something.


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Hello! As I checked, those transactions were refunded already. If you still have issues or questions, let me know.


Ye,got refunded. thanks alot !