stolen amazon's gift card

Please i need help i purchased a amazon’s gift card of 75$ the claim code was applied successfully but today i found that 68$ is withheld by amazon and i can’t using it any more
The support confirmed to me that it’s a stolen gift card and iam unable to use the rest
Please i need a refund if that possible
Thank you for you time
Have a great day

Give us the profile link of that guy who sold you gift card, also report it.

Apply a ticket to support show every evidence you have, -> CLICK ME

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The account of user not available i don’t know why!


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Please open a ticket as instructed by @Wayz_Shop, our support team will be able to provide you further help.

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I’m waiting the help thank you so much

did you get your money back? because the same seller sold me stolen codes.

Please open a ticket with all information you have so we can investigate.