Amazon removed Gift Card from account


Writing here to seek help, I bought a gift card of $500 from Panda Company who has had many listings on Gameflip. After purchase, I closed the transaction and everthing was fine. When I logged into my Amazon account recently, that Gift Card transaction was missing. I contacted Amazon and they said that this gift card is no more associated with your account and we cannot give you further information.

How do I proceed? I contacted Panda Company and He is not responding at all. He asked me to wait but nothing further. Its been a month. Can anyone guide me?

I submitted a ticket to Gameflip; It is not a small amount, its $500!!

Sounds like you got scammed pal. Just like half the others that have purchased Amazon cards that were originally purchased by the seller with a stolen credit card. The real card owner has more than likely filed a charge back for the money stolen. Once the charge back is filed Amazon removes the credit amount from your account. Even tho you didn’t know or have anything to do with it, still falls on your account unfortunately. When it comes to gift cards, you can’t trust a sellers “feedback”
Just like you probably left good feedback because the card worked at first, now time has passed and it’s no longer working. But you can’t go back and change that feedback to warn others so these scammers continue to get away with what they do. Shameful really. Sorry that happened to you.


Yeah, the only thing you can do right now is present evidence that the Gift Card is invalid/stolen (maybe an e-mail from Amazon Support, or a screenshot of the chat with an azon Specialist).

Present the evidence to Gameflip Support and hope for the best.

Also with every gift card the recommendations are never trust Asian sellers, and never complete the transaction if it’s the first time witj6the seller


Hello loghash,

Since you have already opened a ticket to the support team, then I suggest that you just wait for their review on the case.

As already mentioned on this topic, please make sure to send all the evidence you have on the ticket including chats and screenshots with Amazon support.

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Hi, i want to share my experienced, i have been trading over a years with Amazon and have a lot of backfire happened, codes redeemed successfully but after few days my account has been closed because card/code has been fraudulently carded (using stolen card to buy amazon code) we are on the marketplace, not on the direct store, so every move/transaction we do here there’s a risk, if you buy some amazon gift card/code to someone meaning they are re-selling, re-selling is good as long as you have trusted supplier etc, but gameflip discourage you to do that

For buyers here is a tip. as you a first time buyer or have some suspicious when buying amazon, you can comment to seller first to their listings and ask if they could provide the ACTUAL GIFT CARD with the RECEIPT on it that PAID VIA CASH, If the gift card code starts at AQ and that is paid via cash make sure the gift card # matches to the receipt upon purchased. That is completely safe for the buyer, because a gift card that paid via cash is irreversible on all stores (unless it required by law)

Note : If amazon account get closed after redeeming some codes before, it’s most likely that code has been used/redeemed was made from stolen gift card or some say call “carded” (the real owner of card file a dispute/chargeback to merchant)

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Thank you so much everyone for your response and tips! really appreciate it. I have provided evidence from Amazon chat and Gameflip has been great in terms of response and has told me that they have contacted seller for evidence of purchase which Amazon wants.

I am concerned as i bought a card with the same value from this seller, he hasn’t sent it yet but im hesitant to put it into my account. Is there any way to cancel it before i get it??

You can try to message them to cancel the order and they might cancel it for you. You can’t cancel the order yourself until the delivery window has passed. I don’t know if this is correct or not, but you can try asking gameflip support to cancel it for you, given the seller has not sent you the code.

i actually have some bad experience with panda company.
i purchased a few times from him and he never sent the code and eventually i had to cancel it.
i guess i was lucky that he never sent it because now it seems that he is a scammer.

Hello, some weeks ago, I purchased from seller “Apple gift cards” the code has delivered into 18 hrs, and the seller pushed to redeem the code immediately after he sends me the code, anyway I had 30 messages between the seller and me.

But the code worked perfectly and starts with AQ, I reviewed many time his profile, and he sold a lot of Amazon gift cards and I think a lot of codes start with AQ and the seller doesn’t say: hi Dude the code start with AQ, do you want? haha I don’t know