Scammed for $310, can someone help me please ?

**Today I Purchased A $400 AMAZON GIFT CARD FROM SELLER “ coinfinatic” for $310. Once I received it I applied it to my amazon account and it was fine , so I competed the transaction, about 20-30 minutes later when I went to checkout items on amazon , amazon notified me there was no money in my gift card balance. I called amazon and they stated that the $400 gift card i purchased from “coinfinatic” was under investigation and was placed on hold until the investigation was over. Basically the amazon representative told me usually the card is placed on hold if it was purchased without authorization. I asked the seller if he could please give me another working code, and he just blocked me and ignored all my messages.

I have over 10,000 POSITIVE ratings on gameflip and have been a loyal member for over a year , I abide by all the rules and have respected everybody . I really hope that this can be resolved in a timely manner .

Order ID: 3e82fdd2-1a29-4a1e-94cb-47c946a7cd35

My Member code : 2BBPXT

Purchase amount $310.00

I’ve opened a ticket , the ticket number is : #520118

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight

I’m assuming the member code you listed is your profile code? Just to help the mods look into it for you.

Also, they may request you put a ticket in at the below link. So I would just go ahead and do that if possible.

Yes that’s my member code : 2BBPXT

I have also already started a ticket.

Bump ? Can someone please help , here’s a link to my account .

Since you’ve already submitted a ticket, provide the ticket number here for the moderators, that way they can look into it as well. Unfortunately there isn’t a real set time on when the moderators are the most active, so you will just have to be patient.

According to what you posted, it is Amazon’s fault. It happens to most people using Amazon gift cards. They can say anything and do whatever they like and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just don’t buy stuffs from them

I got a piece of junk rom them and cannot return it because they locked my account due to abnormal purchase. It’s Black Friday and that’s what they said! I gave them all information they requested even the bank statement but they closed my account in the end. F**k Jeff!

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These guys need to be removed from the marketplace @MajorTom @DarkKnight
They’re obviously buying gift cards with credit cards obtained god knows how. Gameflip is basically a fence for stolen goods to these people AND THIS PROVES IT! Please get rid of this trash before the whole market place is taken down by big brother

As Maddie stated, these sellers selling large amount of gift cards (mainly Amazon) are purchasing them using stolen credit cards. Once the card owners report it, the company puts a fraud alert on the account which voids out any purchases made (ex: these amazon cards being sold on Gameflip)

Shameful! @MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

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Bump… Any mod online ?

Glad to see the seller had enough time to run off with the money🙄

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It’s been 3 days , the seller stopped selling gift cards after I called him out , I’m sure he’s taken the money cashed out and ran by now .

I’ve had no response to this forum and no response to the ticket I opened 3 days ago .

Yes they dont care at all to their customer :3

Bump bump bump.

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Bump , it’s been 4 days, can I please get my situation Reviewed or any kind of response ?

Not to mention the seller is now back selling gift cards. Ridiculous how long it’s taking to get a response to such a critical issue. Not only you but he’s definitely going to scam others as well.