Amazon Gift Cards

So I am after an Amazon gift card but I am unsure how to actually check which gift cards are actually legit!!

I actually bought a gift card then the seller want me to be “online” when they send the code to me. This alarmed me and I then ask a valid question as to why they needed me to be online as I would have imagine that the code would have been given to them ? They then sent me a rather rude message and canceled the transaction which I thought was quite odd - and is probably a blessing!

Ended up searching on google about gameflip’s gift cards and it seems that there are a lot of scammers whereby they will sell you an illegal giftcard which loads the money fine only to get a chargeback applied on thier account a few months in some cases (over 3 months!) down the line.

Anyway, is there a way to actually identify LEGIT sellers ? I assume the sellers who have older accounts (say over 1 year old) would be less likely to scam ?

Are buyers allowed to put followup feedback/ comments on thier page should the card turn out to be scams a few months down the line ? If they can’t it would likely explain why the scammers have ++ feedback as the feedbacks cannot be revised.

I mean I just registered a few days ago and loaded up a few hundred dollars but it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence on this platform. There seems to be more scammers than genuine sellers! This might be why gameflip does not allow money to be withdrawn once deposited just so that we are “tied up” here!

Would a 10 - 15% discounted amazon voucher ring alarm bells to you guys ? And UK and EU gift cards are less likely to be scams I assume ?

Any inputs/ advice would be appreciated.

What are your thoughts with this shop:

Account seems to be about 1 year old - negative feedback doesn’t seem to show up despite him having 5 marked.

My recommendations:

1- Don’t buy from sellers with a low number of sales/feedback, unless you want to risk it.

2- Only buy listings set as “auto-delivery” as it will get delivered instantly and automatically.

3- Avoid sellers that say to buy and redeem right away.

4- Don’t buy from sellers that registered recently (a month or less).

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip.

On point number:

2 - Just thinking, does “auto-delivery” listing reduce the chance of a scam ? If so, why so ?

4 - I understand that but it seems that there is a chance of a scam even with veteren sellers.

Out of interest, what is the “scam rate” like in gameflip ? I mean I am going through some of the higher value cards and there seems to be more fishy listings than there is legit…

Listings set as auto delivery means the sellers already owns that product and he posted the code to the system to be delivered instantly. This somewhat helps with identifying a trusted seller, but it’s most definitely not an ironclad way of making sure the seller is to be trusted. It just helps. Also buying from sellers with high feedback means there’s less chance that he’s a scammer.

This is just my own way of seeing things. It’s up to you to make your own decisions.

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You should report sellers who ask you to be “online” to deliver the gift cards. These sellers don’t seem legit, and they need to be taken off of Gameflip.

Thanks guys - I reported the rude seller to tell me to “F-off” - I don’t think gameflip will be doing much on them. Just said they will keep an eye. I will certainly not be using gameflip anymore. I just hope the vouchers I bought are legit… will need to keep an eye on my account for at least a year!

Can you link the seller here so that we all can avoid?

This seller is a very very suspicious. He is the one who told me to f-off after I asked why there is a need for me to be online. Additonally, I bought a card from this seller:

This seller never sent me a code - I waited for about 3 hours, then I messaged to just cancel the sale as I was suspicious and he canceled it within 3 mintues or so of that message being sent.

That leads me to belive that the top account is related to the 2nd one… just that he didn’t want to make it obvious. I suspect this maybe the case as the first guy didn’t want to sell the card to me but when I bought it on “his other account” he didn’t want to make it so obvious that the 2nd account is also ran by the seller of the first account so just waited for me to “prompt him to cancel”

Just be careful… I really think gameflip or any of these companies should be regulated by a governing body and that they should accept liability should a scam happen.

The scams are so rife that I will never be using gameflip. I hope you guys don’t get scammed. I am supprised no one has placed a complain to the goverment about gameflip/ equivlent sites

I don’t understand why this is the case:

  1. If my status is ONLINE, I will send the code in 15 mins, sometime up to 30 mins.
  2. If my status is not ONLINE, please leave an message and wait for few hours.
    :bangbang: PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY !!
  3. Gift code cant be stored , need to redeem instantly after you get it.

What makes these “code cannot be stored and need to be redeemed instantly” ? Very very odd… I have never heard of a gift card company that needs you to redeem a gift code instantly…

Just put yourself in seller’s shoe and you will understand why they want you to redeem immediately. Couple of reasons that I know

  • they don’t want you to resell it it someone else
  • if there any issue they need to see screenshot/proof immediately and provide you replacement.
    There are scammers on both sides. Many times scammers buy & redeem and say code doesn’t work.
    Btw I am not a seller on gameflip :slight_smile: