Scam Amazon GC Sellers - Caused My Amazon GC Balance to Be Withheld


Please help! I bought the following $25 and $200 gift cards from two different sellers. After a few hours, my $225 Amazon GC Balance was put on hold, and even more concerning is the $25 GC which I redeemed earlier, no longer shows under Gift Card Activities:

I’ve opened two tickets on this matter: for the $200 GC for the $25 GC

According to Amazon, both the $200 and $25 GCs were associated with the same Amazon account, and the user raised a fraudulent use report on the $25 GC which I bought earlier. I’m expecting the $200 GC will be next to be reported since it’s the same account holder who’s raising the fraudulent use report.


Amazon has concluded their investigation and is not able to refund the fraudulent gift cards.

Please help, the Gameflip seller sold me fraudulent $25 and $200 gift cards.

Now the seller doesn’t even exist on Gameflip anymore!

Here’s the e-mail from Amazon:


I’ve researched your Gift Card order and found that it may have been used by someone other than the intended recipient(s). I’m not able to resend the gift card(s) or refund the order.

I’m sorry for any disappointment. We hope to see you again.
We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.
Best regards,

Some codes are cheap because they are unwanted ones so people sell cheap to trade for something else, so there is a thing called availability. This also means the code is from a bulk purchase, and that’s what I do as a gift card seller

Or this just means they are trying to scam you, they can post a $10 card and send a $5 one or they can just post a cheap region. All I do is just post the code correctly with no tricks

about the cheap region, Australian codes for example is cheap enough to sell as a USA code 10% OFF and still get a profit on it, there is like no verification and anyone can purchase any code and post on gameflip on the way they want.

fill a chargeback with bank, This is a way to get a redeemed code flagged as fraud. they just fool the bank and successfully fill a charge back. Some also flagged as stolen, seller have the purchase receipt and just fools the company telling the code was suddenly redeemed by someone else. This depends more on the company and support conduct

If the code is just flagged as suspicious, this means you can’t use for some reason (hm maybe you got a Australian code but you are from UK, so there is a foreign currency trying to be used to pay for your stuff) or they just doubt the code is yours

Account locked codes should be forbidden on gameflip just to avoid unnecessary disputes, all this can be fixed with seller itself talking to Amazon support, poor communication and lies between seller and buyer may lead into gameflip’s decision on dispute resolution, even if seller evidences is good enough

Gift card balances that hold the balance on the gift card instead of just redeeming and adding credits to a account is forbidden, since seller can also spend it before the buyer

If nothing is said on the listing description (visible to everyone before purchase) regarding account lock, where is the cash after redeemption and even the redeem instructions, meaning the buyer/costumer is unaware about all this, it also leads on gameflip’s decision to refund you

It’s basically how the cheap codes work on gameflip, can be bad for seller reputation

The best you can do (regarding purchasing cheap cards) is use a gameflip promocode on checkout so gameflip that gives you the discount instead of the seller, they ranges from 10% to 50% off. There is new codes like twice a week, they just have a use/redeem limit so they will last for like a few hours until people use it all

There is some more things to pay, like gameflip fees to sell and withdraw, some bank fees to receive the gameflip’s international money transfer and send large money amount to bulk purchases, and then some government taxes like the income one. I’m being able to purchase a card for $3.11 and then selling for $3.94 and it can’t go too far than this, since I still have to pay gameflip fees, bank fees and government taxes, there is a limit on how cheap it can get.

prices can still be cheap on sellers comparison, I can get a 500 ars Argentina code for $4.70 and sell for $5.90 while some sellers sell it for $10.

Thanks for the good info. I did not expect to be scammed buying gift cards on It’s been a nightmare.

If the dishonest sellers or original owners fraudulently report that the gift cards were stolen, could that also cause legal troubles? I did not know the gift cards were stolen!

This is really bad for Gameflip, not a good place to buy any gift cards since they can get you in trouble with the law.

I’m prepared to file a complaint on BBB if I can’t get a refund from Gameflip, since Amazon also won’t provide a refund. Also, the fraud seller who sold me the stolen $200 Amazon gift card even closed their account and ran away!

If the seller didn’t reported his own card as stolen so…

The gift cards are usually stolen on physical stores, they get a card on the shelves and go to some strategy place where cameras can’t see. They stratch the code and take picture with their phones and hide the code again with a tape. Go to register and scan the gift card, resulting in activated code. This guy suddenly change his mind and the card goes back to the shelves but the code is activated and he has a picture so he just redeem online or he just sells for really cheap at a website for stolen codes so another guy buy this and sell on gameflip for more expensive, but still cheap. Then someone purchases the gift card at the local store and the code is redeemed so this random person reports as stolen and gets a new code

Yes, firstly seller needs to be verified with ID documents to sell gift cards and then getting the verified badge

Seller needs purchase receipts as evidence on disputes

And then, the purchase receipt and it’s holder name must the same as the holder name on the verified ID document, the same goes to ID Document numbers

That’s bad for the seller, gameflip is a place to everyone buy and sell gaming stuff. The only bad thing for gameflip would be just accepting fake ID documents so who gets in trouble is gameflip themselves

I’m not sure if gameflip gonna really refund you, depends on your choice and what they can do with the payment method you used, they can just add the refunded cash on your gameflip account and then you can spend on gameflip purchases without asking payment method

Amazon and their gift cards has nothing related with gameflip and their scam sellers, they won’t refund just because it’s account locked and you using another account or you can’t redeem because of anything else. And if they really refunds, the money goes back to the bank account used to pay for the gift card and it’s holder

All this seller can do is simply delete everything available for sale, while gameflip, Amazon and your file reports can do worse than deleting account as having your ID document related with ilegal activity can also lead the seller getting arrested so it’s the reason you also needs to be +18 to sell gift cards on gameflip

Also your links aren’t working. in my browser, I noticed you sharing private links so it just asks my gameflip login and then loads a random page so I’m just guessing you purchased cheap card to get all this trouble as I can’t see nothing

Oh hey, not all are stolen. Just the cheapest ones like 40% OFF without a reason and ofc you didn’t know about this, seller won’t tell just to avoid troubles. Just understand that there is no company that will give a $10 card for $5, someone sells for $8 on gameflip and this company lets you get $10 worth on stuff. Asking Amazon support about this will be a super evidence to gameflip refunds you if your code is really stolen

Just avoid new sellers and bad rating ones, the worst one I saw got 8 bad ratings and the user was just 2 months old, I was still on trouble to withdraw for the first time when I was 2 months old, that was some kind of alt/fake account

@kellykline if you want a faster response, so the reason @MajorTom and @DarkKnight are usually offline for a week or two I guess it’s just they are busy with gameflip support

Create a ticket on gameflip support and also let here the Ticket ID so the DarkKnight and MajorTom can help you quicker if they even read your issues on this forum

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Thank you,
I hope @MajorTom and @DarkKnight can help.

Here is the ticket details.

Ticket Number: #818340


I opened another ticket for the $200, but that’s been merged to the ticket above. I’ve reopened it.

Instead of sharing the private link to the transaction exchange, the Order ID will be more useful to DarkKnight and for MajorTom

For the forum community, we can’t see the private link to the transaction exchange, so what you can do is to send some screenshots so your topic will be more active and it can also damage the seller reputation

you can share a link to the sold listing so we can see what you bought and there will be also the seller profile on this listing

And the most basic one, write a bad rating on his profile

After your issue is solved, I’m also selling some Amazon gift cards (if you interested ofc)

@kellykline i hope I was useful, cya

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Yes, you’ve been very helpful @SenhorCrystal!

Here are the Order IDs:

$200 sold by DiscountGiftCards : c768ff7f-91d0-4d99-af72-339021e9f9be
$25 sold by KitKat : 9bd8c35a-6c7d-4c23-9869-ff22f26e3307

Here are screenshots

That DiscountGiftCards closed his account and ran. Can no longer find the user.

KitKat seller is still around and I captured negative reviews he received. Seems I’m not the only one who have been scammed by this seller.

Firstly thx for the screenshots, as there is no messages between you and seller and this happened on few hours, I can say you quickly completed transaction. You have 3 days to complete or put your gameflip purchases on hold

Sometimes DarkKnight replies saying that the support is waiting more information or giving instructions as some people barely knows how to use gameflip

And yep you purchased a cheap code, this dude is selling sketchy $50 codes for $44 while I’m getting $50 Amazon codes for $53 and selling for $67.10. Just takes long and doesn’t sell too much, sales slowly growing as my cards never had issues. Started with like $25 monthly sold on cards, and it was $38 only on this December month, we still have 2 weeks to end the month, the trick is that satisfied people comes back

Here it’s some hints

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Yeah, the codes worked initially, I redeemed them on Amazon with no issues. Sellers usually pressure me to complete their sale as soon as possible, or they would block me. So I redeemed the code on Amazon and completed the transaction.

However, a few hours later, Amazon took the $25 gift card off, and withheld the $200 gift card balance.

Just hold the transaction on dispute and report to gameflip, this means they purchased the code on that websites of stolen codes for really cheap prices and they need to be redeemed before someone else redeem. Gameflip staff themselves already said it once on a forum post, a staff that looks into disputes sometimes, I remember reading the post I’m just not sure who was and I don’t think I will find this post again lol

I rather being blocked than scammed, when you get blocked you can’t message the seller, can’t comment on the listings and you can’t purchase from them. I would just block the seller too, my codes aren’t from gameflip sellers anyway

My codes are so legit that I say the following on my about me

“You can do whatever you want after receiving the code, it doesn’t need to be redeemed immediately, you can give it to someone, sell or just forget it for now. The code doesn’t expires, can be redeemed years later”

And the listing description always include the expiration for exceptions

@kellykline now it’s just say this to @DarkKnight or gameflip support

The code and purchase receipt must be fine for at least 6 months, not even mentioning that it’s forbidden threaten to block the buyer just because he didn’t completed transaction in 3 days, it auto completes when 3 days have been passed and there is no hold or dispute and it’s even more forbidden create our own rules and make it superior than gameflip rules. If gameflip allows you to complete transaction quickly, there wouldn’t even be a 3 days timer for you

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Happy to report that this has been resolved by Gameflip. Thank you so much!

Hello @kellykline!

Sorry for the wait.

I’m glad that your issue was solved.

Godspeed! :trident:

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