Amazon Revoked My Gift Card Balance

Amazon Revoke the Gift Card I bought from @Sell Key Games. I contact Amazon and they told me the seller account is on hold and he needs to fix the problem before I can receive the GC balance back.
I had $16.96 left in the balance and I notice it few days ago, arround 3 weeks after the purchace. I can’t PM the seller from the purchace menu, and I can’t find him in the forum to contact him.

I contacted support, they respond like they didn’t read what I worte nor checked the screenshot. I answered to there respond and send then the screenshots again, no respond since then. Ticket # 522716.
I sent them screenshots of: The Purchase of the GC, My Amazon Gift Card balance, My Amazon chat conversation about the issue, The GC redeemed on Amazon with the Name of the sender.

What should I do?

A lot of sellers are selling amazon gift codes that they purchased with stolen credit cards. That’s why a lot of buyers have been reporting their balances being revoked. Only thing you can do is hope Gameflip will go after the seller

Gameflip won’t do anything unless you fight hard for it. I’ve been here a year and the support is still slow as it used to. Smh

Thank you for your responses.

I contact them again two days ago and they said they are checking it and waiting for the seller to respond.

Few minutes ago I received an email saying they cancelled my order and I’ll receive a refund.
I was hoping to get my Amazon balance back, but at list I got my money back and luckly Amazon said my account is not in any trouble.

Don’t trust what Amazon said, they never keep their words. My account was closed because of them.

A few days ago, their employee stole the package and they didn’t cooperate to work with law enforcement to solve the crime. Smh

Had the same thing happen to me, except that Amazon did ban my account, and now are not providing any support to me. Lost $170 dollars in Gameflip due to this seller, which is still selling Amazon credit here.

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