Amazon revoked my balance after redeeming 2 GCs from the seller "GREY PARTY"

The seller is Grey Party. Upon browsing i can see that other people have also had the same exact problem with this seller. I have created a ticket with Gameflip, but just curious how this goes ? I have video recorded proof starting from purchase until redemption of the GC codes. I closed the trade after the GC were redeemed and gave the seller a good feedback. I can provide the screenshot of the balance being revoked from those 2 gift cards. Wondering if Gameflip support can help after complete the trade ? Seller is not responding to my comments on his other listings. Profile Code = 6SP62T Ticket # 651163


I’ve only bought Xbox GCs on Gameflip a few times, and I’ve seen an awful lot of complaints about GCs, Amazon in particular.

Contact Amazon and Gameflip Support and they may be able to fix it.

Here’s some posts with similiar problems:

I contacted amazon, they told me the original purchaser needs to contact amazon to unlock the gift card. I have created a ticket on gameflip and provided all the details, now waiting to hear from gameflip.

To answer your question,

Yes, they can. Since you wrote that you have all the evidence, it should be fine but I can’t confirm that. Will have to wait for

or support to reply you regarding that.

Did you also include chats and screenshots with Amazon support in the ticket?

@Sparkling_Juice I have attached the screenshot of the email i received from amazon in which they said that the original purchaser needs to contact amazon to unlock the gift cards. I have also attached the screenshot of my amazon gift balance page where it shows the balance being revoked for the 2 gift cards. (those are the only 2 gift cards i added in that account so its pretty easy to spot) I didnot include my live chat with amazon because in that live chat, the agent simply told me that she will escalate the issue to the specialists team and that i will receive an email in 24 hour. (This is the email that i attached in the my support ticket). Do you think i should still add the live chat screenshots ? I did take screenshots of that just in case. Thanks for the reply.

I posted the warning 10 days ago: “Amazon GC discounts too good to be true”:

There’s no way around this: if you’re buying high-value Amazon card at 10+% discount it means seller is dealing with STOLEN GOODS, buy it on your own risk - Amazon can and will confiscate your entire balance and is very likely to ban you altogether. GF support will probably refund the card you bought here, but no one will help you on Amazon side

Hello @forbrowsings!

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I have verified your ticket and the information you provided should be good for now ok. In case the Support Team requests more information, please send it to them through the ticket.

Our Support Team should contact you as soon as possible to verify your issue and see what can be done.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight Thank you so much for the reply. I look forward to receiving response from the support team and would love to provide any further information they require from me. Just in case I don’t hear from them in a couple days, I will tag you here again. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks again.

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Not a problem @forbrowsings :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight Just in case you are following, they shifted me to ticket # 651161 Thanks.

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