PLEASE HELP Amazon Revoked Balance for Charged back card

Hi, just a few days ago I bought a $500 amazon card, it worked great at first and redeemed fine, I noticed earlier today the balance was no longer there and if you go to try to redeem the code again it simply states that it is locked and to contact support, upon talking to them they told me you receive this message when the original buyer of the card issues a chargeback and to contact the company I bought it from as they will not help. So here I am looking to get some help as It is very worrying and I do not want to be out $420.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

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You already redeemed it, also you already completed the order. So i think the problem from your account. Did you tried to talk to amazon support about this?

Hi, thanks for the response, yes I had already redeemed and unfortunately completed the order since it worked, but now my balance is being witheld on Amazon for that gift card and talking to Amazon they stated it was for fraudulent activity on the card and that I needed to contact the seller for a refund as they could not honor it.

This means the card was fraudulently obtained. contact gameflip support. It has nothing to do with your amazon account.

Well, You have to submit ticket There :

Tell them all of this they can fix it!

Did you try redeeming with new account or tried to buy another type gift card?

buying gift cards using gift balance violates amazon terms of service

Hi, sorry for bothering you but do you know how long it normally takes for support to get back to you, still haven’t heard anything. Thanks!!

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Dont worry its all good you can ask whatever you want!

And it takes 1 ~ 2 days to respond to you

What where the first two letters of the code?

I had the same issue but luckily Gameflip handled it for me and all was well.

This is generally why I don’t buy a card until I’m about to just use all of it. Don’t want to risk anything.

As i said on another post totally safe to buy or sell

you should contact with seller or gameflip support, seller must provide receipt, if gift card purchased with credit card impossible to get balance back, if cant provide receipt then you can ask refund from gameflip,
and buyers, need follow amazon gift cards terms, amazon does not allows purchase another gift card with amazon gift card balance, if you purchase gift card with your gift card balance, you will lose your balance, this is clear terms by amazon

Hello Retro_Specc!

Are you still having issues? If so, could you please provide me your invite code or the ticket number?

God speed! :trident:

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