Amazon Gift Card Issue

What does Balance Hold mean?

After redeeming a Amazon code that work that I redeemed month ago (I dont know what gift card Amazon reference to i bought on gameflip I seen its pending on hold and im confused what that means.

There only 2 seller I buy gift cards of $150 from on this site and they’re normally seller that been on this site for sometimes and sell alot of gift cards.

The only 2 seller I bought $150 codes from was
:black_small_square: GameSpock (Bought 41 days ago)
:black_small_square: lyskayshop (Bought 37 days ago)

Normally i redeemed before I rate and the code worked and was a good code.
@DunnBiscuit @Tali

I don’t know what the issue is but I just email Amazon asking and will update this post soon.

If anyone understand what going on and should I been worry or what to do I would be thankful.
Should i rush to spend all the other money or wait?

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Same thing happened to me. To test which code caused it try re-entering the $150 codes on the gift card page. If it is a good code it will say “this code has already been redeemed on this account” . If it is a bad code it will say “claim code de-activated” . When I asked Amazon support about the de-activated code they said the card was fraudulent. That is what happened to me with a $100 card I got from Iyskayshop and the balance was “withheld” so I would bet it was the code you got from him.

So far none of them are saying deactivated.

I dont know what hold balance means.

I will simply have to email them being I don’t know what the issue is nor what card it was.

Maybe it is on hold as they are reviewing the card. I’m not sure. For me it said balance “withheld” not “on hold” . Hopefully it works out

I hope it works out. Im scared because it maybe on hold while they look into it then they may change it to withheld. I hope if I have a issuse they at least tell me what code it was so I can work with gameflip to fix the issue.

The 150 was removed from the account but its just saying pending. HOLD.

Lucy :heart:

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My account not on hold but I hope it means the same when it comes to balance hold with gift cards that already been redeemed on my account for a month.

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Call amazon

Its 5am I should be asleep but im OCD overthinking worrying. I already email them I hope to get a reply soon. On how they answer the email i may need to call after that.

Lucy :heart:

Im pretty sure the issue is related to the card you bought from lyskayshop. Why? because I have 3 gift cards from him not working after he got suspended.

1x Amazon $100
1x Amazon $50
1x Xbox $50

I also have $125 other gift cards from him that im pretty not working either and I can’t test them to be sure.

I contacted Gameflip support 9 days ago regarding my Amazon cards, but so far no help. The only reply I got was 6 days ago asking me for evidence from Amazon’s support and I have provided it to them the very same day, and im still waiting for a refund.

As a buyer that purchased over $100,000 worth of products on GF within 6 months and being very loyal about refusing to make transactions with the same sellers outside of GF, I feel very offended to be treated like this with bad/slow support.

Im patient. I’ll wait and see how they handle my situation with a seller that stole this money from me, and then i’ll make my decision whether to continue buying from here or not.

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I wonder why you didn’t get an answer from the support team 6 days ago and you didn’t pm me here about this?

If you did contact me, can you tell me the day you did so I can check to why it didn’t appear on my PM section?

“I also have $125 other gift cards from him that im pretty not working either and I can’t test them to be sure.”

You are guessing here, I know that by the past history we are inclined to believe that, but until you have the confirmation you shall not spread false information.

PM me with the ticket number and/or your invite code so I can check it.

Hey @CidxLucy I saw you pmed me.

I’ll check it asap and we will continue any conversation over there.

Thank you.