Amazon Account Balance Hold

I recently purchased a 500 dollar Amazon Giftcard from Super Deals GC. I’ve purchased from them before but this time, the gift card says “Balance Hold”. This purchase was done on 9/4/19 and the 500 appeared on my balance initially but it is no longer there.

Order ID: fe949eb1-796a-4739-bb5d-27b1b8bdbf2f

Can someone please help me with this case?
@MajorTom I know you were of great help before and I’m hoping for your assistance here. I can provide any screenshots necessary.

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hi Eric, please send me private message Gift card code and screen of balance history

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@superdealgc I just sent you a private message with both the gift card code and screen of balance history.


I am very glad that you guys are already dealing with this issue between yourselves. Please let me know in case you still need my assistance.

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Hi Super Deal GC, you have blocked me for no reason. Maybe I didn’t reply to your msg instantly because I didn’t had the app. Can you unblock me I need to buy 500$ Amazon

Pm me your user name I will check it

Did you get my messages?

Thank you @MajorTom for responding. Right now the issue is still unsolved but @superdealgc is trying to resolve the problem.

For now, it will be easier to resolve this issue between you, the buyer, and the seller. Any assistance needed then contact Gameflip support or a moderator.

Still waiting for you to unblock. Need to buy 500$ Amazon GC

If he has still not yet unblocked you, and clearly now not responding, you’ll need to contact a moderator here, or Gameflip Support. @DarkKnight @MajorTom

Still waiting for you

Please assist in such question!!!
I boutht the gift card some days ago, the seller told me the gift is redeemed by cashback, I put it into my amazon acc, but for several days I need to use it, but unfortunately, the balance was hold.
What should I do for return my money? Is it possible to chart with amazon for such question?

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