Amazon Account Balance Hold - Order ID: 4b80de73-688c-4c2f-af79-8be33c7d8e6d

I recently purchased a 500 dollar Amazon Giftcard from Green Key Store. I redeemed the gift card as soon as I received it, and it added the credit to my account, however now the gift card says “Balance Hold”. I’ve opened a ticket (482546) already.

Order ID: 4b80de73-688c-4c2f-af79-8be33c7d8e6d

@MajorTom I see that another post was created for a similar issue, and you were looped into it, so I’m hoping you may help me here.

@11110, I bought the code from you. Maybe we can sort this out :slight_smile:

sent personal message

I’m pleased to say that the seller contacted me and is now helping me resolve the issue. Got another code and we’ll see if it works well. Will update the thread later on.

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Don’t ever accept the order before you make sure the code is totally work.

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Hello Duttypaul

you will need to earn badges so you can contact him via private messages, after you earn badges you will find it on his profile “Message” press on that then you can contact him easily.

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Stay active on forum for 30min and you will get Basic Badge. After that you can message people

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The problem here is that the code worked, but Amazon placed it on hold a few hours later. I got another code from the seller, but this time it got my Amazon account banned, and they took the replacement credit with it.

I was responsive but Since you use fake credentials US account from the South America and Amazon found your activity suspicious and decided to block your account I can’t help.
All my listings restricted to US buyers for US only.
I will not argue here anymore or leave more comments.
You are free to create ticket and ask help from gameflip support.


I do not mean to be confrontational, and I do appreciate that you tried to help me before, but my account was definitely not banned because I am based outside the US. You’re assuming that I’ve used fake credentials, but Amazon allows users to have a billing address outside the US, while they ship within the US. I have been a Prime member since it started, using my overseas Credit Card.

As you can see on the screenshot, my account was banned as a result of an issue with the Gift Card I used. Maybe you need to clear things up with your provider, as it seems like they’re using invalid codes. You as a seller have been trying to be helpful, but this may affect you in the long run.

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how to send

So you should have reported that seller to gameflip so they can ban that user from gameflip because it’s forbidden…

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