Amazon gift card balance on hold

Hi, i need to contact RIOT Giftcards about a $300 amazon gift card that was succesfully redeemed, but minutes later, amazon put on hold the balance.
I think is riotgiftcards his account? Can you help me please? i have bought a lot of gc from you!, and i have screenshot to probe it, of course, . Thank you!

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I’ve had something similar happen 2 weeks ago (purchased from another seller who was pretty helpful though) with a $ 500,00 gift card. Amazon voided the gift card balance as they told me I broke their rules by using a gift card from a third party seller. They now also locked my account. Even though the seller provided me with a receipt of the purchase of the original gift card they are still unable to unlock my account. About 30 mails, 20 chat sessions, 4 phone calls and 3 faxes later I just gave up.

I can still use Amazon with my wife’s account if I really need to, but I advise everyone to be careful. Once the gift cards are voided and your account locked there seems to be almost no way to get it back!

Also, I created a ticket about 2 weeks ago (ID: DHEPZG). If someone from Gameflip could please look into this soon so I can take any further steps if necessary that would be appreciated. :slight_smile: @MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hello Hirox,

Could you please contact the support team using the link below? Also, If a ticket was already opened regarding this, could you let me know the ticket number?

Thank you.

Hi @MajorTom , yes, ticket is open since yesterday (486094). Thank you.

Hello Hirox,

You’re a regular buyer of mine and yes this is my account here on the forum. I will reply to you via PM now and we will solve the problem. I was away for a few days and i did not check the forum. You can close your support ticket and thread.

Just replied via PM. Your problem is easy to solve.

@riotgiftcards sent you PM, thank you.

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Dear @wds2007 thank you sharing this here,
i explained you before your lose gift balance card and account because you ordered another gift cards with amazon gift card balance, amazon does not allow purchase gift cards with amazon gift card balance. check amazon gift cards terms

Every Amazon gift cards buyer should follow amazon gift cards terms
also i have provided cash receipt photo before,
this is not depends from my gift cards
@MajorTom you see he voided gift card terms, but you cancelled order without investigate

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Dear @superdealgc , it is indeed not your fault. However, giftcards CAN be purchased with an Amazon gift card. Gift cards that are excluded from purchase with a gift card will lead to a notification at the end of the purchase, for which another payment option will need to be selected. For the second purchase I ordered 4 4K UHD Blu-rays with express shipping and EXACTLY the same thing happened except that my got closed for good. Reading some new posts on the forum here it seems Amazon is has been cancelling and voiding more gift cards as of lately. Just a warning that you could lose your Amazon account by using gift cards not purchased through Amazon themselves if Amazon feels like it…

Your Balance cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards, prepaid open loop cards, or certain third-party gift card
AMAZON DOES NOT ALLOW purchase another gift cards with amazon gift card balance

Yes, that’s indeed in the fine print. But try purchasing some third-party gift cards, that simply doesn’t work, you get a message telling you you have to use another form of payment. That’s not the case with gift cards. I just checked again and have done so for around $1500 in 9 transactions in the past 2 years without problems.
That’s why it states CERTAIN third-party gift cards. Anyway, that still doesn’t explain why they closed my account after purchasing some blu-rays except for that a third party gift card was used.

i lost my account also 1 year ago, for purchase gift cards with amazon gift card balance after purchase 2500$ gift cards
terms and limitations very clear

It is indeed is true for some gift cards. It works with gift cards so if they shouldn’t be purchased they should block them like all other gift cards. :roll_eyes: Anyway, that still doesn’t explain why they blocked my account with the second purchase, those weren’t gift cards. But after the past two weeks of contacting Amazon nothing wonders me anymore. :crazy_face: It has been nothing but a horrendous experience. I also lost a balance I still had on and as I use those sites the most but they use the same login from Anyway, I really appreciate your time and service.

i have sent you gift card and receipt you see its cash receipt
cash receipt gift cards non refundable, its mean chargeback impossible
you see chat with amazon your see what says

The first gift card was purchased with a debit card, the receipt clearly shows debit card with a PIN used (****). Amazon says it was charged back to the debit card. However, the second was indeed cash. There was no refund, they just voided the balance (I guess) and locked my account.

As much as i don’t like having competition I must take @superdealgc side here, @superdealgc is right. A lot of Amazon gift cards buyers break the terms when spending gift card balance and blame us the sellers. You are not allowed as-per Amazon’s terms and conditions to purchase ANY TYPE OF GIFT CARD with Amazon gift card balance. Period. Yes it works if you do it, you will purchase some gift cards and then your Amazon account will be closed. End of story. Very old Amazon accounts will get banned harder but eventually if they do this repeatedly they WILL BE BANNED. @wds2007 if you purchase any type of other gift card with your amazon balance you will eventually get your Amazon account closed. Just play by their terms regarding items you can buy, it’s that easy.

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@riotgiftcards but gameflip never investigate about this
in this situation gameflip need request from buyer contact with amazon ask reason, why account closed, my screenshots show in here gift card not defect,
reason is clear but gameflip cancelled order,
gameflip gives leak for scammers scam sellers here,
this is not fair, is not professional
all sellers under risk.

@MajorTom i hope you will investigate this again

This in only part true, as i talked to support, what gc-legal says is that you cannot buy other AMAZON GIFT CARDS with gift card balance (to prevent "money laundering), and CERTAIN third party gift card, but is it not prohibited to buy other items like PSN codes, XBOX, Nintendo, etc (because have the name “gift card” on it), and so on, it is NOT against their rules, so, in @wds2007 case, maybe is not prohibited, because items that cannot be bought trough balance, you just cannot buy it, the system wont let you.
@riotgiftcards is willing to help me @majortom, so in the next few days we will see what happens. Thank you.

Thanks @Hirox. Also, there’s nothing bad I can say about the service from @superdealgc either.

@wds2007 i just didnt understand you wrote me that its not your fault, no worry , i will message to gameflip, but you wrote gameflip different why?